The sense of detail is full. What is the creation code of “Sweeping Dark Storm”?

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The sense of detail is full. What is the creation code of “Sweeping Dark Storm”?

“Who is a good person in this system, Who is the bad guy, do you dare to say? The sky in the green vines is too dark.”

The former policeman Li Chengyang (played by Sun Honglei) asked the detective He Yong (played by Liu Yijun) this way.

This is a scene from episode 4 of the TV series “Cracking the Dark Storm”, which is currently broadcasting on CCTV-8.

And this is one of the most asked questions by the audience.

“Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?”

As of 12:00 on August 25th, on Weibo, the number of views of #扫黑暴谁是内鬼# It has reached more than 66 million.

Hard-core brain-burning, plot twists and turns, scenes of high-energy scenes aroused everyone’s heated discussion.

There are messages like this everywhere on the Internet:

“Who is going to cut black?”

“CCTV has chosen the drama carefully and must be sent to the drama team Chicken legs!”

“This drama is good everywhere except for the blood pressure of the citizens of Luteng.”

Next to the airport line in Luteng City, there is a man named Xue Mei. The middle-aged woman was going to stop the car on the main road. What she was going to stop was the car of the 36th Supervision Group of the Central Committee.

Her husband was murdered 14 years ago, and she has submitted 126 reports, but she has not ushered in the result of justice. This time, the report is her last hope.

However, when the sanitation vehicle with the number “468” on the license plate playing “I wish you peace” came slowly, Xue Mei disappeared and she was silenced.

There is no bloody, violent murder scene, only the camera editing is used to create a horrible atmosphere. The close-up of blood under the car makes the audience “brain-filled” the murderer’s killing process.

Netizens shouted “advanced” about this, “the standard of criminal investigation drama is in place.”

From the small to the big, you can see the intention of this play from such a detail.

However, thinking carefully, how did Xue Mei know the news from the supervision team? Why is the “sanitation worker” so clever and not in a hurry?

This kind of narrative space and imagination space can be seen everywhere in the whole play. It makes the whole people become detectives, holding a magnifying glass to find clues.

Because of this, this drama covers all age groups, all professional circles, and you can meet “Green Vine Citizens” everywhere.

As of 12:00 on August 25, 2021, on the Weibo end, the number of readers of #扫黑暴# is 2.45 billion, and the WeChat index of the show has reached 72.44 million, and the popularity can be described as high. Non-refundable.

Combined with their own industry, netizens wrote different interpretations of the legal system, finance, cultural relics, colleges, tourism, petroleum, football…

For civil servants, I found the materials for the argument.

The middle school student, found the composition material.

In the Weibo of “CCTV TV Drama”, some netizens left a special message, “The Storm of Sweeping Crime” performed half of the criminal law, and it really got out of the circle. It was brought up for discussion at various meetings, thank you The country’s anti-gang operations.” “This drama has become the most recent social code.”

02 Those intriguing hidden details

It is often said that the devil is hidden in the details.

In TV dramas, details often play a role in portraying characters, promoting the plot, burying clues, and writing metaphors.

In “Sweeping Dark Storm”, this description is high-density, and some details are intriguing.

“This wind reception banquet is still good. I hope everyone here will be able to participate in the celebration banquet one month later.”

At the wind reception banquet of episode 1, the Central Steering Group The group leader Luo Shanhe (played by Liu Zhibing) is clearly warning everyone that knocking on the mountain and shaking the tiger is trying to cause some of the umbrellas to move, so that they can expose their horses and break through their defenses layer by layer. Everyone walked on thin ice and tried cautiously. Everyone’s speech and behavior seemed to be dripping, but the undercurrent seemed to overflow the hall.

Legal counsel Li Chengyang went to see his long-time friend Ma Shuai (played by Ning Li). Ma Shuai is about to face interrogation. Li Chengyang wants to tell the truth about the murder of his master 14 years ago.

Under heavy surveillance, the two looked at each other restrained and restrained, with suspicion in trust, and full of temptation in suspicion.

The superposition of time pressure makes the tension that diffuses burst out.

Ma Shuai suddenly died during the interrogation process. On the surface, it was an accident, but behind the scenes, who was the murderer?

Netizens started a discussion about this.

Some people say that the temperature and humidity meter on the wall reveals the clues. The temperature is 22°C and the humidity is 76%. The high humidity leads to hypoxia. For people with coronary heart disease, this is the cause of death, so the death of Ma Shuai is related to this.

Some people also said that Marshal had a medical examination before he went to prison, and there was no problem. Even if a heart attack occurred during the interrogation, don’t forget, Da Jiang (played by Su Ke) said to Li Chengyang, Because Ma Shuai was treated in a timely manner, there must be no problem, but in the end he was told that he died! Why is this happening? Did he die in the hospital?

In the 8th episode of “Sweeping Dark Storm”, the “cash king” Gao Mingyuan (played by Wang Zhifei), who was dubbed by Da Jiang as the “Minister of the Underground Organization Department” of Luteng City, uses the old fashioned style every time he calls others. The phone is turned on and hands-free, and there is a voice recorder next to it to record. After finishing the conversation, he will take out the phone card and destroy it.

Why is this? Netizens thought for a long time and came to the conclusion: The SIM cards in old mobile phones have little readable information and it is not easy to find the specific access address. Moreover, these SIM cards are all black cards, and they are destroyed when they are used up to avoid being found at the door.

The theme is the soul of the artwork, the plot is its bones, and the details are its flesh and blood.

After watching the show, I discovered that even this poster hides countless details.

Green clothes represent justice, and yellow clothes represent evil forces.

He Yun is wearing a yellow shirt under the green clothes. What kind of metaphor is this?

As time goes by, we may forget the storyline of a play, the names of people and places, but the vivid details will be imprinted in our minds.

03 The true vigor of criminal investigation dramas

In the Lvvine Universe, the past “ground burial cases” and “Sun Xiaoguo case”, from campus loans, naked loans to academic fraud, and then From industry monopolies to violent disputes, a large number of real case materials make the plot of this drama vivid and shocking. The show’s vigorous posture of facing reality directly reflects the difficulties in advancing the work of eradicating criminals and evil in reality, as well as the determination and courage of the central authorities to crack down on evil forces.

After entering the Green Vine, before entering the hotel, the central supervision team first inspected all the rooms, the purpose is to check whether there are eavesdropping equipment. The suspicious vehicles with dark sun films that appeared around the hotel also caught the attention of the supervision team.