The U.S. military could not find terrorists and even retaliate against the Afghan people?

By yqqlm yqqlm

CCTV Online Review丨The US Army could not find terrorists, and even retaliated against the Afghan people?

For the purpose of retaliating against the branch of the extremist organization “Islamic State”, the US air strikes on Kabul caused new tragedies and even greater disasters. Ten Afghans died in bombing by the US military, including six children. Witnesses at the scene asked with grief and indignation: Did these honest neighbours, including 6 children, also become terrorists in the eyes of Americans? !

The U.S. military could not find terrorists and even retaliate against the Afghan people?

In the past few days, there have been many explosions in Kabul The accident has caused hundreds of casualties. In such a tense situation, the self-proclaimed “human rights defender” first ended in a panic, and then took “revenge” actions because of the deaths of American soldiers, which resulted in successive injuries to innocents. Many netizens commented: “Too shocking and heartbreaking. How many lives will the United States take before it leaves Afghanistan?”

The United States has always regarded itself as a “human rights defender” and likes to give it to others. The country attends a “human rights class”. But since the 1990s, from the bombing of Yugoslavia to the war in Iraq to the invasion of Afghanistan, the rebellious United States has created continuous turmoil in many places and countries, causing a large number of civilian deaths and causing tens of millions of people to become refugees. Such catastrophes of disastrous life and poor livelihood of the people have been repeatedly staged. If they can’t take it up, they just pat their buttocks and leave, leaving behind a riddled mess, which often leads to serious humanitarian crises.

The international community has long seen through the “natural face” of this “teacher”. The United States is good at weaving illusory “human rights fairy tales”, pointing fingers at other countries’ human rights causes, and frequently interfering in other countries’ internal affairs under the pretext of “human rights”, but its actions are constantly undermining human rights causes, creating human rights disasters, and trampling on human conscience.

The reason for the current chaos in Afghanistan is that the United States itself looks like a mirror in its heart, but it understands and pretends to be confused, and the international community is also very clear. The problem is that the United States has always failed to achieve everything, not only does not ask for it for itself, but pushes it for others. This is his usual routine and trick. But the more arrogant the United States acts in the name of human rights, the more it shows that it has a guilty conscience about its terrible human rights situation and can only divert its attention by constantly creating new contradictions.

Nowadays, in the face of its own bad and lackluster human rights status quo, the “dual-standard” America has shown exhaustion. With its poor skills, it has become a laughing stock in front of the world and is no longer worthy of being a “human rights defender.”

Today, after the high-profile announcement of the U.S. military’s so-called withdrawal from Afghanistan, people are more aware that the United States, a country that speaks of democracy and human rights, can abandon and even deprive the United States of everything else except for its own interests. The lives of others! (CCTV commentator)