U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan

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Observation from Central Station Kabul丨The U.S. military’s hastily retreat brought an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan

The New York Times published such a satirical comment in August, “In order to restore the negativity of the U.S. military’s retreat in Afghanistan Image, senior U.S. government officials have always hoped to make airlifters the core of the story, hoping to create a good image: Tens of thousands of people were safely evacuated from Kabul without casualties.”

But this hastily The evacuation operation seemed to be doomed from the beginning to a counterproductive ending. In the past two weeks, a video has been made public: Thousands of Afghans waited desperately outside the Kabul airport; the US military knew that someone had climbed onto the landing gear and still insisted on taking off, causing several Afghans to crash and die; more and more Evidence indicates that the victims of the terrorist attack at Kabul Airport on August 26 were actually killed by US soldiers.

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan

This continues The 20-year war in Afghanistan, mixed with the blood of countless dead and the tears of the living, was drawn to an extremely embarrassing and embarrassing end at the last moment.

Escape from Afghanistan: The reality tragedy at Kabul Airport

In July of this year, Biden said at the White House, “Those Afghans who have helped the United States, the United States will not leave it alone. ”

The Afghans believed Biden’s words. More precisely, they have no choice but to believe. So when the Taliban entered Kabul, thousands of people flocked to the Kabul airport, seeing it as the last hope for fleeing Afghanistan. In the past ten days or so, Kabul Airport has been the focus of the world’s attention, and it is also the place where countless tragedies have occurred. Just two days before the start of the evacuation operation, at least 40 people were killed in stampede and shooting incidents.

The few media reporters who followed the military plane and landed at Kabul Airport and were allowed to shoot inside. After seeing the scene in front of them, they wrote in the report, “People are waiting under the scorching sun. Every day, people fall due to lack of physical strength, and corpses are carried out from Kabul Airport every day.”

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(1)

The famous Afghan writer Khaled Husseini once described his homeland in “Echoes of the Mountains” “Every square mile A thousand tragedies”. Unfortunately, as the protagonists of this reality tragedy, most of them are destined to be unable to leave at all. Even the American media has to admit that many people will be ruthlessly left behind.

During the entire evacuation operation, people were always blocked outside the airport gates. The special immigration visas of the United States, regarded by the Afghans as a lifesaver, were like a piece of waste paper and could not make most of them smooth. Enter the airport. And those few so-called “lucky ones” who are allowed to enter the airport usually have to face the scene of life and death before starting the new life they imagined.

Some media caught a heartbreaking scene at the airport: Two children were abandoned outside the airport gate, calling their parents helplessly, crying, but no one paid any attention to them. Because their parents got permission to enter the airport, but the two children did not.

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(2)

△Kabul Airport Afghan children forced to be separated from their families

Terrorist attack at Kabul Airport: The casualties were caused by the US military? !

August 26 is destined to be a nightmare day for Afghans. Kabul Airport was hit by a series of suicide attacks by extremist organizations, killing more than 200 people. A ditch outside the airport was full of corpses, and the entire ditch was stained red with blood. In the emergency hospitals and main streets of Kabul, the sirens of ambulances never stopped. The wounded were carried into the hospital on stretchers. Many of them never came out of the hospital alive. .

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(3)

On the other hand , The deaths of 13 US troops also made that day the worst day for US military casualties in Afghanistan in the past ten years. On the same day, US President Biden held a press conference in the East Room of the White House. He said that the extremist organization that carried out the attack would pay the price.

But just one day later, the plot ushered in a reversal that shocked the world.

The United States has been targeting extremist organizations for several days, but in a series of visits and investigations after the attack, reporters from the headquarters found that many of the dead were shot and killed by American soldiers. The US military was still after the explosion. The road near the airport was blocked, causing some of the wounded to die because they could not get timely treatment.

△Video丨Exclusive visit to the casualties of the Kabul bombing by the main station: the US military shot and killed many people

What is more shocking is that there is a sequel to such a tragedy.

On the evening of August 29, local time, the U.S. military used drones to carry out a so-called “precision strike” on a car bomb near Kabul Airport. At least 10 of them, including 6 children, Afghan civilians died in the attack. The US said afterwards that there were multiple terrorists from extremist organizations on the target vehicle, and the vehicle also contained explosives. The civilian casualties were caused by a second explosion after being hit by the vehicle.

When the main station reporter visited the scene on August 30, several witnesses made it clear that there were no traces of the second explosion that the US military said. The so-called terrorist is an engineer who has served foreign institutions for 17 years. In this attack, all nine family members of the engineer were killed. Some of them were preparing for their wedding. The youngest of the victims was only over 2 years old. Before, the family was still waiting for a call to board the plane to evacuate Afghanistan.

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(4)

U.S. Lies It was exposed again, but the Western media is still vigorously exaggerating the tragic stories of the 13 American soldiers who died, deliberately filtering out the Afghan civilians killed in these incidents. But there is a reality that they do not want to look directly at but it is hard to deny that the so-called retaliation of the US military cannot wipe out extremist organizations from the soil of Afghanistan, but will drag more and more innocent local civilians into another deep conflict. The bottom of the quagmire.

An embarrassing end to a chaotic evacuation

More and more critics pointed out that the main reason for this evacuation was the lack of basic knowledge. Logic and common sense. It was the United States that quietly withdrew its troops in July, which turned the Bagram base where the US military was stationed into an empty city overnight, that made the subsequent evacuation at Kabul Airport chaotic.

Some parties even broke the news to the headquarter reporters and other media that the special immigrant visa issued by the United States to the Afghans who had served for it was actually a picture without the holder’s name and identity information. . Through photocopying, countless Afghans who originally did not meet the qualifications flocked to the airport; and the US soldiers at the airport simply did not have the ability to verify personnel information one by one. Under the chaos, the United States once again violated its promise to help Afghans leave and temporarily changed its policy to allow only American citizens, green card holders, and citizens of NATO countries to enter Kabul Airport.

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(5)

△United States The so-called “visa” provided by the Afghans does not have the holder’s name and identity verification information

In fact, even though countless US military planes took off and landed at Kabul Airport in the past ten days, in August Sending all qualified people out of Afghanistan on the 31st is destined to be an impossible task. At 9 pm on August 30, after the last US military plane took off from the runway of Kabul Airport, the Taliban entered Kabul Airport and found that there were still many aircraft and equipment left on the scene. These things that were too late to take away have been destroyed by the US military itself.

U.S. troops evacuated in a hurry, bringing an embarrassing end to the 20-year war in Afghanistan(6)

△Remaining The US military helicopters at Kabul Airport

The Afghan Taliban fired shots to celebrate that night, and its spokesman Zabi Ula Mujahid solemnly announced on social networking sites that the last batch of US troops had left Kabul Airport, and their country had achieved complete Independence.

The end of this evacuation operation brought an embarrassing end to the twenty-year war in Afghanistan. The Americans boarded the plane and left all the problems behind, leaving behind only the mess of Afghanistan and the endless pain of the local people.