US air strikes killed many children? The top leader of the Taliban will appear

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China News Service, August 30. According to a comprehensive report, as the deadline for Western countries to withdraw troops from Afghanistan will come on August 31, the situation in Kabul, Afghanistan has become increasingly tense. On the 29th, the U.S. military once again launched a drone air strike in the capital Kabul, allegedly destroying a car loaded with bombs. At the same time, the air strike may cause civilian casualties, including many children.

US air strikes killed many children? The top leader of the Taliban will appear

On August 27, local time, on the road near the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan, members of the Afghan Taliban were on duty on the streets.

For the second time, the U.S. military carried out air strikes that affected residential areas?

U.S. Department of Defense officials confirmed that on the 29th local time, the U.S. military carried out a defensive air strike and destroyed a suspected bomb-loaded vehicle of the Afghan branch of the Islamic State “Islamic State”. These The explosives are believed to be used to attack the Kabul airport.

According to the Associated Press, a police chief in Afghanistan was quoted as saying that a rocket attack occurred at the northwestern part of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul that afternoon. The video showed heavy smoke. Attacked the building. According to reports, this incident is the same incident as the US airstrike, and it is said that three children were killed and another civilian was injured.

CNN reported that 9 members of a family in the attacked neighborhood were killed in the incident, including 6 children, the youngest being only 2 years old. The surviving members of the family stated that they were an ordinary family, not members of ISIS.

In response, Central Command spokesperson Bill Urban responded that US officials have learned about reports of civilian casualties and are still investigating. He stated that the airstrike eliminated the threat to Kabul Airport, but he added: “We are deeply saddened by any situation that may cause the loss of innocent lives.”

In recent weeks, the Taliban took over the capital. After Kabul, the US military is evacuating tens of thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies. Last week, 13 American soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing outside the airport, and more than 170 Afghans died. In the early morning of the 28th, the US military dispatched drones to “retaliate” and killed two ISIS-K members.

The Taliban confirms that its top leader is in Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban spokesperson Mujahid confirmed on the 29th that the top leader of the organization, Hibatullah Akhundzada, is currently in Afghanistan. “The other person is now in Kandahar and has lived there from the beginning.” Deputy spokesperson Karimi added, “He will appear in the public soon.”

According to reports, Ahunzada In May 2016, he officially took over as the top leader of the Taliban.

Currently, the Taliban are preparing to form a caretaker government, which will include all ethnic groups in Afghanistan. A Taliban official said in a television speech a few days ago: “The borders of Afghanistan will be open and people can enter and leave Afghanistan at any time.” He called on Afghans to unite and rebuild their homes, and those who have been trained and educated should return to the workplace.

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p >The picture shows an explosion outside Kabul International Airport, with smoke billowing at the scene.

The Taliban will take over the Kabul Airport

There are still about 300 American citizens waiting to evacuate

On the other hand, the US military transport plane still took off and landed at Kabul Airport on the 29th. US Secretary of State Blincoln said that there are still about 300 American citizens waiting to be evacuated. The U.S. government plans to give priority to the withdrawal of U.S. troops and military equipment in the last two days. The number of US troops at Kabul Airport has been reduced from 5,800 to less than 4,000.

Brinken also said that after August 31, the United States will no longer establish a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan, and the government will continue to conduct diplomatic activities in the region, but whether the embassy in Kabul will be reopened will depend on The actions of the Taliban “in the coming weeks and months”.

A Taliban official revealed on the 29th that the US military has transferred control of three entrances to the Kabul Airport to the Taliban, including the entrance to the military area. The US military currently controls only a small part of the airport. Taliban engineers and technicians are on standby, ready to take over the airport completely.

The United States and its allies plan to withdraw from Afghanistan before the 31st. France and the United Kingdom have recently announced the end of their evacuation operations, but a large number of Afghan employees and even citizens of Western countries have not left.

French President Macron stated that France and Britain will urge the United Nations to establish a “safe zone” in Kabul on the 30th to ensure that humanitarian operations can continue.