US policy in Afghanistan: the so-called “democratic model” is really stupid

By yqqlm yqqlm

Scholars and analysts from many countries pointed out that the United States used military means to push the so-called “democratic model” to other countries. In the end, what it created was the disastrous life of Afghanistan, and the U.S. policy in Afghanistan was extremely stupid.

British international affairs expert Tom Foday said that the United States claims to have established a so-called democratic system in Afghanistan, but sadly the United States knows nothing about Afghanistan’s social, political, and economic conditions. Therefore, the United States The nearly 20-year war waged in Afghanistan has not brought any benefits to Afghanistan except for the destruction and turmoil to the Afghan people. The United States always tries to impose its own ideology on other countries and uses violent means to achieve its goals. Today, the United States’ failure in the Afghanistan War signifies the decline of American hegemony.

Pakistan’s international relations researcher Salman Rafi Sheikh also recently published a commentary that pointed out that in the 20 years since the invasion of Afghanistan, the United States’ war machine destroyed this country and killed thousands in this country. Tens of thousands of people and a large number of Afghans have been displaced. What the United States brings to Afghans is the false hope of “peace and prosperity.” The United States has done similar things in Iraq, which resulted in the death or refugees of a large number of Iraqi people, and the breeding of terrorist forces such as extremist organizations.

Domestic analysts in the United States have also criticized that the US military invasion of Afghanistan is a manifestation of ignorance and is doomed to failure.

US policy in Afghanistan: the so-called “democratic model” is really stupid

American University History professor Peter Kuznik: Although the US military has powerful weapons and the assistance of allies, the US invasion at that time was doomed to end in failure. They don’t understand what it means to interfere in other countries by military force. The United States is ignorant and ignorant. They don’t understand the situation in Afghanistan at all.

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University: The United States has a strong military, so war looks like the solution to all problems. The United States regards military means as its foreign policy, but it should not have such a foreign policy based on military actions. The United States uses troops in the Middle East, Iraq, and Syria, in Central Asia, in Central America, and in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, but it fails every time. The United States has spent trillions of dollars on military means, and what is left in Afghanistan. Where is the hospital? Where is the school? Where is the road? None of this, the U.S. policy in Afghanistan is extremely stupid!