Xinfadi agricultural products vehicles enter Beijing with “Green Pass”

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Grass-roots anti-epidemic newly launched agricultural vehicles enter the Beijing market with a “green pass” to conduct a three-day nucleic acid test on fixed merchants and personnel. Foreign large truck drivers will be on-call for testing

Xinfadi agricultural products vehicles enter Beijing with “Green Pass”

Vehicles entering the venue scan the code to measure the temperature, the nucleic acid test is performed every three days for merchants, and the main area is once every two hours. Elimination… As Beijing’s most important agricultural product market, Xinfadi Market strictly implements various prevention and control measures to ensure the safety of the capital’s “vegetable basket”. Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Xinfadi Market that in order to ensure the smooth flow of agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits into and out of Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the “Emergency Material Transfer Certificate in and Out of Beijing” for agricultural vehicles entering Beijing Xinfadi. The “Green Pass” will make it faster and more convenient for transport vehicles to pass through 54 checkpoints entering Beijing.

Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily saw in the Xinfadi market that a reminder of scanning code temperature measurement was played in a loop at the entrance gate. The security guards hold the temperature measuring gun and the health treasure QR code to register and measure the temperature of the vehicles and personnel entering the market one by one. In front of the nucleic acid testing sampling station in front of the market security office, six or seven merchants lined up in an orderly manner for nucleic acid testing at a distance of one meter.

“We conduct a nucleic acid test on fixed merchants and personnel in the market every three days, and foreign truck drivers will be available for testing. Key areas in the market, such as the pork hall, complete the test for 1/3 of the personnel every day. Nucleic acid testing takes three days to form a cycle.” Tong Wei, director of the Marketing Department of Xinfadi, said: The area is divided into grids for management, and three supervision teams conduct round-the-clock inspections to ensure that various epidemic prevention measures are in place. At the same time, fire trucks are turned into killing vehicles in the market, and the main roads and core areas of the market are killed every two hours. Specialized personnel also use mobile equipment to achieve full coverage of environmental destruction.

Zhang Yuxi, chairman of the Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, introduced that Xinfadi strictly prevents and controls the epidemic, requiring agricultural vehicles and drivers entering the market to enter the market with “two codes and one certificate”, that is, big data itinerary Card, health code and ID card. However, when many drivers pass through high-risk areas during transportation, black asterisks will appear on the itinerary card. “For example, if a driver passes through Zhengzhou, Henan Province for more than 4 hours, an asterisk will appear on the itinerary card.” Zhang Yuxi said, for these itineraries For truck drivers whose cards appear with an asterisk, Xinfadi also requires a nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.

As Beijing has recently increased its control over the entry of personnel from medium- and high-risk areas into Beijing, those entering Beijing will be persuaded to return at checkpoints after the “star” appears on their itinerary cards. In order to guarantee the supply of agricultural products in Beijing during the special period, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a “green pass” for agricultural vehicles entering the Xinfadi market in Beijing, which can pass at 54 checkpoints in Beijing based on the transfer certificate.

On the mobile phone of Gu Zhaoxue, the executive deputy general manager of Xinfadi, Beijing, there is a transfer certificate template issued by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. , To organize and summarize the merchant’s transportation status, vehicle and driver information. After verification and archiving, the pass will be distributed by the market, and the driver will print it out at the place of production and put it on the front windshield when entering Beijing.” Gu Zhao said, Xinfadi insisted on “who The principle of “who is responsible for issuing the certificate” is to control the market epidemic prevention, including confirming the driver’s itinerary and the driver providing a negative nucleic acid test certificate within the specified time.

It is understood that the current supply of agricultural products in Xinfadi’s market is sufficient and the prices are stable. Most of the vegetables are from the northern region. According to Zhang Yuxi, recent high-temperature and high-humidity weather in other places has caused a certain increase in vegetable prices in Beijing. On July 26, the weighted average price of vegetables was 2.18 yuan/kg, rose to 2.52 yuan/kg on August 5, and fell to 2.37 yuan on August 7, which also means that the impact of high temperature and humidity on vegetable prices has come to an end. .

He said that the main vegetable production areas across the country have increased the area of ​​vegetable cultivation this summer, and the supply of vegetables is sufficient. The overall situation in which vegetable prices were lower than the same period last year remained unchanged.

Text/Photography by our reporter Li Jia/Fu Ding, our reporter