2021 “Science Exploration Award” winner list: the youngest winner is 32 years old, the number of female winners is the highest in 3 years

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The gender distribution has changed significantly, and the 8 female winners are the highest in three years; the trend of youth is obvious. There are 7 winners aged 35 and below. Among them, the youngest winner is only 32 years old and was born in 1988; the distribution is more widespread, with 50 winners from 13 cities, and non-first-tier cities such as Suzhou and Changsha are on the list for the first time.

2021 “Science Exploration Award” winner list: the youngest winner is 32 years old, the number of female winners is the highest in 3 years

” The “Scientific Exploration Award” was established in 2018, and a total of 150 winners have been selected over the past three years.

As a public welfare project led by scientists, the awards adhere to the three purposes of facing the future, rewarding potential, and encouraging exploration. It encourages young scientific and technological talents to explore the “no man’s land” of basic science and cutting-edge technology, and explore social support for basic research Continuous and stable investment mechanism for talents.

“The key to the self-reliance of science and technology is to rely on young people. The “Science Exploration Award” has done a very good job. We must continue to support young scientific and technological talents to innovate and make more new achievements for the country. Contribution.” Xu Kuangdi, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Honorary Chairman of the Presidium of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the “Scientific Exploration Award” commented.

Shi Yigong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of West Lake University, and founder of the “Science Exploration Award”, said, “The focus of the “Science Exploration Award” is whether the work of young scientists represents the forefront of the world in this field. , Support them to do original and leading research that others want to do but can’t do or dare not do. The “Science Exploration Award” provides material supplies for young scientists to reach the top of science, as well as spiritual encouragement and value recognition.”

The number of female scientists is the highest, and the youngest winner is only 32 years old

The secretariat of the “Science Exploration Award” introduced that this year’s biggest feature is that the winners are more “diversified” than last year. “This also confirms the vigorous development of China’s technological innovation and the continuous optimization of the ecological environment for talent innovation.

The judging of the “Scientific Exploration Award” is “the hero does not ask for the origin”. Among the 50 winners this year, there are not only the winners of various national important awards, but also many who have not won other well-known awards before. The winners demonstrated the strength of the group of outstanding young scientists in China: 94% of the 50 winners have professors or equivalent titles, and 33 have experience of studying or working in first-class universities and research institutions overseas.

The “Science Exploration Award” pays special attention to the development of female scientists and young scientists. Under the same conditions, the younger and the female win. This year there are 7 winners aged 35 and below, and the youngest winner is only 32 years old. According to this trend, it is expected that the award will soon welcome the first “post-90s” scientist. The number of female awardees has reached 8, which is the largest in three years. A series of policies to support the development of female scientific researchers are achieving results.

The winners of this year’s “Scientific Exploration Award” come from 33 different institutions in 13 cities, with a wider geographical and institutional distribution, and 16 institutions have won awards for the first time. This is precisely the national innovation pattern. Continuous optimization, a portrayal of the further enhancement of the strength of universities and research institutions in various regions.

Zhou Xin, a researcher at the Institute of Precision Measurement Science and Technology Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the winner of the first “Science Exploration Award”, said: “The award is from point to line, from line to surface. Multi-institutional awards reflect the development of China’s science and technology undertakings “a hundred flowers bloom”.”

In addition, academic exchanges between Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland have been “heating up.” This year’s “Science Exploration Award” has received widespread attention in Hong Kong and Macau. A total of 69 people have applied for it. The number of applicants has reached a new high, and the coverage of institutions and fields has become more comprehensive. In the end, three people were “on the list.”

Previous winners have emerged, fighting the epidemic and flying to the sky.

Zhou Xin won the first “Scientific Exploration Award” in 2019, and was subsequently named the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2020. Innovative Person of the Year”. During the epidemic, he and his team realized for the first time in the world the non-invasive assessment of lung function damage of discharged patients with new coronary pneumonia, which provided important scientific and technological support for their clinical rehabilitation treatment and was also an important supplement to existing clinical imaging technology.

The other one who won the only two “Innovators of the Year” from the Chinese Academy of Sciences last year was Lu Chaoyang, a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China. Lu Chaoyang, who proved the “quantum superiority” with the “Nine Chapters” of the quantum computing prototype, was also the winner of the first “Scientific Exploration Award”.

More and more winners of the “Science Exploration Award” are reaping results in the fields they insist on exploring: Li Tiefeng, a professor at Zhejiang University, appeared in “Nature” in March this year with a “10,000-meter deep-sea manipulating soft robot” Magazine cover; National University of Science and Technology professor Wei Yong served as the chief scientist assistant in the Mars exploration mission “Tianwen No. 1”; on the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua University professor Zhu Ting was named for his free exploration spirit…


p >In the past three years, from integrated circuits to advanced manufacturing, from brain science to biological breeding, from aerospace technology to deep sea, the award-winning people started from curiosity and fully demonstrated the precious quality of the young generation’s mind-liberation and the courage to open up. More The winners closely follow the needs of the country and unswervingly promote economic and social development. They have contributed to the war epidemic through virus testing and drug research and development results, and also provided scientific assistance for people’s livelihood in pollution prevention, high-speed maglev, and high-end medical equipment.

Facing the future, rewarding potential, and encouraging exploration are exactly the purpose of the “Scientific Exploration Award” for three years, which has inspired young scientists. Lu Wei, the winner of the 2020 “Scientific Exploration Award” and a professor at Tsinghua University, said: “In the process of award application and awards, applicants are encouraged to freely and boldly propose research topics based on their own academic judgments, regardless of subject areas and preliminary preparations. Conventional restrictions, this is very valuable trust and great encouragement.”

Li Tiefeng also said: “The spirit conveyed by the Discovery Award is to encourage us to do basic and challenging tasks without restraint. Research.”

The top scientists and the sponsors of the “Science Exploration Award” also said that these outstanding award winners represent the “golden content” of the award, and they are looking forward to “writing in textbooks”. Work”.

“The establishment of the’Scientific Exploration Award’ is forward-looking. Through continuous investment, it supports the urgent needs of the development of basic research in China.” said Rao Yi, President of Capital Medical University and initiator of the “Scientific Exploration Award”. “Looking back over the past three years, the awards have selected a group of winners with fruitful results and promising potential to support them in exploring, exploring, and re-exploring, and make useful contributions to China and the world.”

” Travel alone fast, and everyone travels far.” According to Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and founder of the “Science Exploration Award”, the award covers 9 fields of basic science and cutting-edge technology, and has the broadest “scientific spectrum”. “These outstanding young people The winners communicate with each other, achieve cooperation, and stimulate innovation, which are not only conducive to their own growth, but also conducive to finding new paths for breakthroughs in major problems.”

As Wu Hequan said, the “Scientific Exploration Award” also In three years, continue to build a high-level, interdisciplinary interactive communication platform for young scientists. The person in charge of the “Scientific Exploration Award” project stated that through the “Young Scientists 50²” forum, exploration camp, and thinking exchange, the winners of different fields have learned from acquaintance to each other, insights and exchanges of ideas, collisions of ideas, and new cross-cutting. Disciplinary cooperation is also emerging.

Pan Jianwei: Rapid Accumulation of Awards and Reputation

As one of China’s highest funding programs for young scientific and technological talents, the “Scientific Exploration Award” has always been adhering to the principle of “scientists have the final say”. Enhancing their professionalism and authority has also received enthusiastic participation and support from the scientific and educational circles.

According to the person in charge of the “Science Exploration Award” project, more than 800 academicians from various countries and more than 20 well-known university presidents participated in the nomination, recommendation, and review process for this year’s awards. In the nomination and recommendation stage alone, more than 20 Nobel Prize, Turing Prize, Fields Medal and other international award winners participated, which is a significant increase compared to 2020.

“This shows that the award has been widely recognized by the society, and its credibility and prestige are accumulating rapidly.” said Pan Jianwei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, executive vice president of the University of Science and Technology of China, and initiator of the “Science Exploration Award”. “The most impressive thing about the award in the past three years is the serious and serious evaluation process. Many senior scientists have invested a lot of time and energy, repeatedly weighed, and done meticulous work.”

Fudan University Executive Vice President Jin Li also believes : “The’Science Exploration Award’ is as full of innovation and vitality as the young scientific and technological workers it supports. It rewards the future, rewards potential, and supports the concept of bravely entering scientific research no man’s land has gained great social influence.”

In order to ensure the objective and fairness of the review, the “Scientific Exploration Award” continues to optimize the review rules. Qian Yingyi, a senior professor of liberal arts at Tsinghua University and chairman of the “Scientific Exploration Award” supervisory committee, said: “For example, the number of judges and small peer experts has been further increased in the review this year. There are no less than 7 small peer experts in each subdivision. The avoidance relationship is also set more strictly. In addition to the interests of teachers and students, relatives, projects, business cooperation, the same unit, nomination, recommendation, etc., paper cooperation is also included in the avoidance category. The Supervisory Committee believes that the review conforms to the rules and is objective. Fairness.”

The “Scientific Exploration Award” adopts corporate investment and public welfare operations. It is one of Tencent’s important explorations in practicing social sustainable value innovation and giving back to the society.

Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent and founder of the Tencent Foundation, said that Tencent will maintain its long-term investment in the “Scientific Exploration Award” to help the long-term development of national basic research.