30 million looking for good script ideas, why?

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Chinanews client, Beijing, September 13th (Reporter Ren Siyu) “Why is it a remake again? Is there no original script now?” I believe many viewers have expressed such sighs.

In the current film and television industry, good stories are hard to find on the one hand, and the status of screenwriters is often overlooked on the other. Disputes such as signature rights and salary arrears occur frequently. Why are original scripts hard to find? How should the rights and interests of screenwriters be protected?

I don’t want to watch the screenwriter “being bullied”

This spring, the “Young Power·The Youth Work Committee Creation Fund”, which aims to incubate original fine scripts and support young creators, was launched. 30 million yuan will be used to explore outstanding original ideas. Recently, 3 works have entered the key incubation stage.

30 million looking for good script ideas, why?

Key Projects of the Youth Work Committee Incubation platform.

Talking about the origin of the event, Bai Yicong, director of the Youth Work Committee of the China TV Drama Production Industry Association, said that at the beginning, he felt that the screenwriter was “bullyed”. Working hard for the project, in the end there was no more… After witnessing this phenomenon many times, the Youth Work Committee decided to start a fund project to take the risk of early creation for the screenwriter.

On the other hand, I hope to discover more excellent original works and excellent screenwriters.

“The premise of this fund is originality.” Bai Yicong said that the prevalence of IP in the current market actually squeezes the space for originality.

When faced with an IP work, platforms and companies can have a lot of quantifiable data reference, but original works do not, so everyone would rather buy an IP for the sake of safety, not the original development initiative high.

For original screenwriters, there is a cost to play from creation to development, but there are not many opportunities for novice screenwriters to be paid attention to. Therefore, the creation fund is to reduce everyone’s risk through project incubation. , So that the creation of the screenwriter is guaranteed.

When the idea is screened, the creation fund will give the screenwriter a certain amount of financial support, and incubate the project to the stage where it can be held on the platform. With the two rounds of screening guarantees of funds and platforms, creativity is expected to truly land and become a filmable project.

Bai Yicong said that in recent years, there is actually a shortage of screenwriters, because there are more projects to start and incubate, and the screenwriters who have masterpieces are very busy. “So this fund is more for some Screenwriters who have not yet made it to the forefront, we also believe that we will definitely find someone with potential.”

30 million looking for good script ideas, why?(1)

After three rounds of judging by professional screenwriters and directors, there is now “Beauty Walk” “This Prince I’m Improper” “Ride the strongest horse, fight the hardest” “The Gun” etc. were selected from more than 600 works and entered the key incubation project.

It is worth mentioning that in the solicitation stage, the works required by the jury are not complete scripts, but more emphasis on creativity. The screenwriters only need to tell the theme, story outline and characters in a short space. Just be clear.

“Our original intention was to encourage everyone to develop originals, so the most important thing is a direction. After we have determined that this direction can be done, we will let everyone develop and do as little useless work as possible.” Bai Yicong Say.

Based on the creative works submitted by the screenwriters, the scoring system will set several important dimensions, mainly including the basic trend of the characters and the story, whether the whole story can carry enough drama resources and so on.

Bai Yicong said that in principle, the review is mainly good-looking, but there is a premise that it is as innovative as possible and not limited to traditional routines.

Guo Jingyu, the first director and director of the Youth Work Committee, once said: “It sounds like we want to do a good thing, but it is more difficult to enter the support of this fund because we have a very strict Screening process. I hope everyone can calm down and do original work and get better works here.”

30 million looking for good script ideas, why?(2)

The selection process of “Young Power · Youth Work Committee Creation Fund”.

Establish a direct platform channel for screenwriters

“The script is only a blueprint, and the prerequisite for it to become a work in the end is that it must be filmed.” Bai Yicong pointed out.

Submit the screenwriter’s text to the platform meeting, so that the creative text can truly become a story outline and a practical project. The Youth Work Committee will provide assistance in this series of processes, such as writing training for screenwriters, Help build the team and so on.

As the deputy director of the Youth Work Committee and screenwriter Liang Zhenhua said, “We have completed the construction of this bridge, so that all talented and capable people who have the perseverance to survive in this industry will provide good works. For the platform.

30 million looking for good script ideas, why?(3)

First batch Appraise works through the “Creation Fund of Youth Power·The Youth Work Committee”.

“Never saw it, we hope that the relationship with the platform is that the planners of the platform can directly enter our evaluation system , So they can participate all the way. “Bai Yicong said.

In Bai Yicong’s view, there is still a lack of unified standards in the film and television industry, which leads to large losses in the industry and at the same time easily leads to unfair phenomena, including those encountered by the screenwriting industry. Practical problems such as the right of authorship are also related to the lack of standards.

The formulation of standards requires the participation of all parties and needs to be gradually changed in the course of long-term practice. (End)