A lawyer in Wuhan was shot and killed. Before his death, he applied to the court to freeze the property of the suspect’s company

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After preliminary investigation, Lei was dissatisfied with Xue because of a dispute and committed to the murder. This is the second case recently represented by a lawyer. Cases killed by parties

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Text | Caijing reporter Zhou Manqing

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Another lawyer was killed in a case on behalf of him.

On the morning of September 13, it was widely circulated on the Internet that “a lawyer in Wuhan was shot and killed in the street” and “the suspect escaped by snatching a BMW after the murder””wait for news.

According to the official Weibo“Ping An Optics Valley” reported:At 10 o’clock in the morning on September 13, an injury case occurred on Hsinchu Road in its jurisdiction. A man entered a unit on Hsinchu Road, wounded the staff member Xue and escaped. The public security organs quickly launched a hunt and arrested Lei (male, 47 years old, from Wuhan) at 11:50. After preliminary investigation, Lei confessed that he was dissatisfied with Xue because of the dispute and committed the crime. At present, the injured died after being sent to a doctor. The case is under further investigation.

This incident has aroused widespread public concern. The Caijing reporter learned that the suspect Lei had rushed into a legal service rights protection center. Opposite the center is the case-filing division of the Hongshan District People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the”Hongshan District Court”) in Wuhan, and the opening on Hsinchu Road Many legal service agencies. A lawyer from”Daming Law” adjacent to the incident told the Caijing reporter that the lawyer present heard a”bang” at the time, which seemed to be a gunshot, and then saw the injured being carried on a stretcher to an ambulance by medical staff. The police quickly sealed off the scene, and there were several special police officers to maintain order. The lawyer also said that the legal service rights protection center where the incident occurred had about six or seven lawyers working, mostly young lawyers.

It is understood that the victim Xue Mou, 30 years old this year, received his lawyer’s license in August 2018. He is a lawyer from Hubei Gaozhao Law Firm. Practicing lawyers.

According to the cover news report, Xue had just bought a house and was about to get married. His girlfriend was working in the same law firm. The murderer saw Xue Mou shot directly afterwards. Witnesses said that the gun that committed the crime was about 50 cm long. After committing the crime, the murderer hid the gun in a tennis racket cover, and then took out the gun to block the car after walking on the road. He did not speak during the whole process, and both cars were blocked and avoided. Then he pulled a roadside BMW into the car from the back. The driver who was looking at the phone pushed the door and jumped to escape. The murderer then drove away.

According to”our video” reported that the wife of the above-mentioned BMW car owner said that her husband called her and wanted to go shopping. The car was parked there and others would take it. The gun was pointed at him and the car drove away.

The reason why Xue was killed has attracted wide attention from the outside world.

The Caijing reporter searched the China Judgment Document Network and found that there were four consecutive Hongshan District Court civil rulings (( 2020) Hubei 0111 Caibao No. 57-60) was released at the same time on May 20, 2020, and the entrusted litigation agents shown in the four rulings are Xue.

The content of the ruling is to apply for pre-litigation property preservation, and the applicants are Zhang Xuewu, Zhang Xuejin, Han Wensi, and Li Kui. The respondent is Wuhan Kunxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as”Kunxiang Company”) and its legal representative Lei Jun. The ruling shows:Lei Jun, born on December 30, 1975, lives in Hongshan District, Wuhan City.

Lei Mou’s age reported by the police is the same age as Lei Jun announced in the ruling. The above ruling shows that the four applicants applied to this court for pre-litigation property preservation on May 20, 2020, requesting the seizure and freezing of bank deposits under the names of the respondent Wuhan Kunxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Lei Jun totaling more than 1.26 million Yuan or other equivalent property.

The Hongshan District Court approved the above application after review and stated that the period of seizure and freezing:three years for real property, two years for movable property, and one year for bank deposits.

According to”Red Star News”, two lawyers who worked with Xue said that the suspect was the party who lost the case.

Enterprise search shows that Kunxiang’s current operating status is suspended. The business scope is construction, including interior decoration construction, road and bridge engineering, construction engineering, earth and stone engineering, etc.

The company and legal representative Lei Jun also had a dispute with another natural person. The document with the case number (2021) E 0111 Zhi 433 shows that on January 12, 2021, the execution applicant Wu Songsong applied for execution of the dispute over the lease contract with Kunxiang Company, because the company did not perform within the period specified in the execution notice Obligations to pay as determined by effective legal documents. The Hongshan District Court took measures to restrict consumption against the company, restricting the company and its legal representative Lei Jun from implementing high consumption and consumption behaviors that are not necessary for life and work.

And the four applicants for property preservation before the prosecution have contract disputes with Kunxiang Company because the company failed to execute Perform obligations during the period specified in the notice. The Hongshan District Court also issued a restricting high consumption order against the company and its legal person Lei Jun..

After the incident, a”case report” of Hubei Gaozhao Law Firm circulated on the Internet, the content was due to a civil case Zhong was dissatisfied with the forced auction of his own property by the court. After drinking, the murderer wounded the lawyer Xue with a gun and escaped.”Upstream News” stated that the law firm confirmed the authenticity of this”case report”.

This is the second recent case in which a lawyer was killed by a client for representing a case.

On August 14, the Shuncheng Public Security Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Fushun City notified the first legal service of the East Section of Linjiang Road, Shuncheng District, Fushun City One person was injured in a knife injury case. The police arrested the suspect Jin (male, 62 years old, from Shuncheng District, Fushun City) on the spot, and the victim Dong was sent to the hospital for treatment.


p data-track=”47″>After interrogation, the criminal suspect Jin was dissatisfied with the service of his civil lawyer, Dong, and he stabbed Dong with a knife , Died after being rescued by the hospital. At present, the suspect Jin has been criminally detained by the public security organs, and the case is under further investigation.