Action movie inheritance, “Talents in the Mainland, Experience in Hong Kong”

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After the veteran martial arts retired or turned to the scene, there is no industry standard in the Mainland. Hong Kong has training classes to tap reserve forces.

The inheritance of action movies, “talents in the Mainland, experience in Hong Kong”

< p>Action movie inheritance, “Talents in the Mainland, Experience in Hong Kong”

Xiong Xinxin plays the nine palaces in “Once Upon a Time” Real person, and was nominated for Best New Actor at the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Action movie inheritance, “Talents in the Mainland, Experience in Hong Kong”(1)

Xiong Xinxin in Huang Feihong 3: Lion King In “Hegemony”, he played the role of martial arts geek and ghost foot seven, this role made him famous in one fell swoop.

Action movie inheritance, “Talents in the Mainland, Experience in Hong Kong”(2)

Xiao Hou in “Eighteen Martial Arts” Played the iron monkey.

Action movie inheritance, “Talents in the Mainland, Experience in Hong Kong”(3)

Xiao Hou in “Ten Heroes of Perak” As Fang Shiyu, he has many wonderful rivalries with action star Liu Jiahui.

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Behind the various “real wrestling” shots in Hong Kong action movies, what is reflected is a strong “desired spirit” “.

The term “Dragon and Tiger Warrior” has become a thing of the past, and these people who are still called “Dragon and Tiger Warrior” are in their 60s and 70s. A few of them are still active in the film industry, and most of them have retired and are gradually forgotten by the audience. But back then, they created the most glorious Hong Kong action movies in the 1980s and 1990s with the word “brave” in the last century. As Director Tsui Hark said, what they did in the past, no one will be able to do it in the future. Although that era has passed, the fighting spirit of the Dragon and Tiger Warrior still has to be passed on in the martial arts.

When you get older, you need to consider the transformation. “Why can’t you eat this meal?”

When shooting documentaries and interviewing some dragon and tiger martial artists, Junzi Wei always raises the same question: “Who do you think is the most powerful dragon and tiger martial artist?” Everyone pointed to a name: Xiaohou.

In 2000, Shaw Brothers released a batch of DVDs. Junzi Wei watched one of “Ten Heroes of Thunderbolt” (1985). Xiaohou played Fang Shiyu. His skill made Junzi Wei’s eyes shine. I’ve never seen such a powerful action actor, with his head turned so beautifully, and he is like a god.” Junzi Wei did not hesitate to praise him and remembered the name from then on, and later watched his starring “Crazy” “Monkey” (1979) “Eighteen Martial Arts” (1982), I still like it too much.

Xiao Hou is Fen Juhua’s apprentice, and Dong Wei, Lin Zhengying, and Meng Hai are brothers. In the interview, when everyone recommended Xiaohou as the most powerful dragon and tiger warrior, Junzi Wei focused on Xiaohou and other dragon and tiger warriors as the central characters of the documentary, and filmed their lives in a realistic way. Junzi Wei knew that these dragon and tiger martial artists were not particularly happy in their later years. Many people suffered injuries because of filming in their early years. When Wei Junzi confirmed this shooting method, communicated and coordinated with the Hong Kong Action Stunt Actors Association and themselves, they all refused.

Why does this happen? Wei Junzi thought for a long time and finally understood that the biggest difference between the dragon and tiger martial arts group in their twilight years is that heroes are not allowed to see their heads. At their peak, they were like athletes. The Married Family Class, Liu Family Class, Yuan Family Class, and Hong Family Class are equivalent to 4 sports teams. Everyone wants to do difficult moves to get the first place. You jump from the 7th floor. Then I jumped down from the 8th floor, with a spirit of catching up with and surpassing learning. They are very dignified when they are young, and they will always show you the best, and the bad side, I’m sorry, I won’t show you.

Wei Junzi said that the Dragon and Tiger martial artist also eats youth meals. He is at the peak of his physical fitness at the age of 20. It is fine at the age of 30. However, after the age of 40, his physical functions are significantly reduced. Junzi Wei once asked Yuanhua, can he turn his head? Yuan Hua said that if you can turn, you can turn your eyelids. Once the dragon and tiger martial artist is physically weak, he must consider transitioning to actors, action directors, and directors.

Although Xiao Hou has good skills, he is not so popular because of his appearance. After Shaw stopped production, he also learned to do motion design, but unlike Sammo Hung, he was able to do both skill and design. Later, he didn’t develop in this aspect at all, and he stopped filming later.

Gu Xuanzhao is very farsighted. When he was doing martial arts, he considered transitioning, because he had filmed many costume dramas on Hong Kong TV before, and he often dazzled Wia with very good training. Time became popular in costume films, and acted as an action guide for the transformation. Mars is now a martial arts instructor and an actor in Hong Kong TVB. In the past two years, he has made several online movies in the Mainland.

Xiong Xinxin is about to be 60 years old. He still maintains a long-term exercise habit and controls his body. “You have a big belly, are not fat, what kind of action actor, where is your spirit?” Xiong Xinxin, who is an athlete, still maintains a good mental state as an actor. Sometimes when doing martial arts instructors, you just rely on your mouth to say that others don’t understand, so you have to demonstrate to them, “Some martial arts can’t be done, so I’ll try to show him what it is. Do it, why can’t you do it? Why can’t you do it?” Xiong Xinxin appeared on the set in the best condition, whether he was an action director or an actor.

Being engaged in martial arts is too dangerous, and it is fast to make more money. “Insurance companies can’t afford to pay if they don’t charge.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, Hong Kong Dragon and Tiger Warriors were very profitable and paid. Very high. It is mentioned in the documentary that some dragon and tiger martial artists were able to get 2,000 Hong Kong dollars a month at that time, while the white-collar workers at that time only had one or two hundred Hong Kong dollars a month. After Xiong Xinxin retired from the martial arts team in 1983, he returned to Liuzhou to work as a martial arts coach. At that time, his salary was more than 40 yuan. A few years later, he went to Hong Kong to develop a martial arts practice at 360 Hong Kong dollars a month.

Jiang David started martial arts, action film director Zhang Che wanted to sign him as the leading actor, but he was unwilling, because he was 150 Hong Kong dollars as a stand-in, but only 500 Hong Kong dollars a month for the leading actor. Three stand-ins are worth a month’s salary for a male protagonist. Of course, David Jiang was not willing to be the leading actor. Later, Zhang Che helped him to coordinate the increase of money, but David Jiang was still unhappy because he still had to act and was waiting on the set every day.

Although martial arts make a lot of money, most of them don’t have the concept of saving money. They spend all of them. There is no tomorrow. In the documentary, these martial artists went to gambling and betting on horses after eating and drinking and subsidizing the family. In the words of Wu Xing “Fish Head Yun” Liu Yun, as long as there is no live connection, he is basically betting.

Wei Junzi said that because the industry they were engaged in was too dangerous, before they did this action, they didn’t know what would happen tomorrow, so they spent all their money. The wine is drunk today, and I will talk about it tomorrow.

Wuxing does not have the awareness of saving money, and insurance is also difficult to get. In the documentary, Li Hui, who had participated in “Young Huang Feihong’s Iron Monkey” (1993), said that he was a sports teacher when he was insured by an insurance company. Mars said that in the past when individuals bought insurance, “insurance companies would not accept them, because Wuxing was injured too frequently, and insurance companies couldn’t afford it.” At that time, Wuxing had no insurance, and insurance was the big brother of each action team. I got hurt after doing this action, the eldest brother really raised you.

But there are also many casual workers in Wuxing who are not part of the action team, and their salaries are settled on a daily basis. Sometimes after a day of filming, I found out that I was injured after I went home. Because I was beating all day, I was very tired, and the pain only appeared when I got home, after eating, taking a shower, and resting. But because there was no first time to tell the director, it was too late, and it could not be regarded as a work injury, and could only admit that it was unlucky.

Mars said that there was a martial arts instructor in the early years. When filming, he found two stand-ins and jumped from the third floor rooftop. There are almost three layers of cardboard suitcases underneath, about two meters high, and one person jumped. When I went down, the nerve on my tailbone broke and my lower body couldn’t move. Because the filming company was injured, the film company only paid for the medical expenses. The company felt that the man was hired by the action director and should be responsible for the injury. Later, the action director lost a lot of money. “We let Wuxing do the actions. If the company is not responsible, then we dare to think of any actions for Wuxing. We dare not.” Mars said.

If you have special effects, you don’t need to use the body to fight “but you must have a hardworking spirit.”

With the development of movie special effects, many difficult actions can be completed through special effects, even if martial arts have a lot of It is difficult to have a good skill, and the action guidance will not let Wu Xing use the body to fight, and it can be solved with special effects.

Gu Xuanzhao went to the United States to film before. Foreigners think that movies should be magic, and they must learn to deceive the audience, but Hong Kong action movies must be shown to the audience. When Gu Xuanzhao did the action instructor, he changed his point of view. He didn’t want his martial arts brother to be injured. While designing the action, he would think of some safe methods to complete the action. “Now that people fall from the 13th floor to the concrete floor, the audience will treat you as a fake. With real things, others will treat you as fake, why do you want to shoot like this?” Gu Xuanzhao said. One way to wrap the action.

“We can’t say that they don’t fight. We also require these martial arts to perform actions that ordinary people can’t do under safe circumstances. I will design something like this. We don’t want everyone to be injured. , But you must have a spirit of desperation before you can do martial arts well. I think martial arts in the mainland need this kind of spirit the most.” Xiong Xinxin said that some martial arts in the mainland are also willing to go to death to do moves, but due to the advancement of technical conditions , And changes in the social investment environment, there is no such thing as an atmosphere for action.

Since the 1990s, Hong Kong Wuxing went northward to the mainland. It started with the production of costume TV series. TV series pursued short, flat and fast. Wuxing was very simple. Wei Yadang used two random tricks in the past. The bed, with a tatami mat underneath, can be completed by the actor in a pose. Some projects have made money, and the investors feel that they don’t need to spend so much money and time to shoot the action, and slowly develop a habit of thinking that the action is very simple. When some action directors require the action of the movie They couldn’t do it when they did, and they thought it didn’t need to be that difficult to make action scenes.

This is what Xiong Xinxin felt in the interior environment at that time.

Xiong Xinxin has also filmed TV series before, and finished an action scene in two hours. “This is also an action movie? Just kidding! The lights have not been set in two hours.” Xiong Xinxin feels that the industry Directors, investors, producers, and actors are all degrading themselves, lowering the standards. Investors may feel that the drama has flow and can make money, and there is no need to spend more money to ask for some action guidance.

The salary of mainland martial arts firms is low, and the price of a makeup assistant is no different. How can I balance it in my heart? In addition, there is no organization like the Hong Kong Action Stunt Actors Association in the Mainland. There is no standard for how the Wuxing’s salary is assessed, when the salary is raised, and the length of work. Xiong Xinxin cited an example. The investor originally asked for an action guide of 300,000 yuan, but the other person was 100,000 yuan. This is a kind of disrespect for the entire industry.

There is a rigid demand market for action movies. “The action stunt team will flourish in the world”

As Hong Kong becomes more and more international, young people are unlikely to engage in martial arts work. Yuan Wu, who used to be the “Hongjiaban” death squad, has now retired. He also teaches some students to learn opera, and the students just treat it as a hobby. Wei Junzi said: “The talents of action movies are in the Mainland, and the experience is in Hong Kong.”

Looking at the Mainland, there is a large population in rural areas, and many parents are willing to send their children to martial arts schools. There are 100,000 children in Tagou Martial Arts School in Henan, all of whom practice martial arts like Wang Baoqiang. The difficulty of the movements is not the same as that of the Peking Opera class back then. The martial arts teams in the mainland also produced many action actors, such as Zhang Jin, Wu Yue, Wu Jing, Zhao Wenzhuo, Xiong Xinxin and so on. At present, mainstream commercial films released in China are basically led by directors with rich experience in Hong Kong such as Lin Chaoxian, Tsui Hark, and Liu Weiqiang.

In Wei Junzi’s view, the mainland has a rigid need for Hong Kong action movies. It should be able to receive the banner of Hong Kong action movies. More shots can train these talents, but they want to restore their former glory. It is impossible, and the dragon and tiger martial arts are of this generation. For us, the most important thing is to learn their spirit. The experience of Hong Kong action movies for so many years is the result of these dragon and tiger martial artists in exchange for their lives. Wei Junzi said that in fact, the trend of action in this world has appeared. For example, Hollywood’s “Quick Hunter” series and “Ace Agent” series are all real skills, combined with martial arts stunts, and relying on choreographed movements. It’s very cool to look at. “Hollywood now cares very much about the combination of real people and stunts. These action stunt teams have also begun to admire the real fighting actions used at the peak of Hong Kong action movies. They are all apprentices of Hong Kong Dragon and Tiger Warriors, and they will eventually be carried forward all over the world.”</ p>

In 2018, Chin Jiale organized a training class in Hong Kong to train young martial artists. As the chairman of the Hong Kong Action Stunt Performers Association, Chin Jiale has the responsibility to inherit the spirit of the Dragon and Tiger Warrior. He uses targeted teaching methods that are somewhat similar to professional film classes to cultivate the reserve force of Hong Kong action films. This actually requires a lot of work to learn, but Hong Kong action movies cannot return to their past glory, the operating rate is not enough, and there are not many scenes in a year. Gu Xuanzhao said that every two months, Qian Jiale would hold a tea party for the seniors of the Dragon and Tiger Warriors, and let everyone meet and chat in the restaurant. Every year during the Chinese New Year, the Hong Kong Action Stunt Actors Association will also hold a spring tea, the big guys have a meal and spend every day happily.