Activities held in many places in the United States to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “September 11” event

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China News Service, Washington, September 11 (Reporter Sha Hanting) New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other places in the United States held events on the 11th local time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “September 11” terrorist attack.

Activities held in many places in the United States to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “September 11” event


p > On the night of September 10, local time, looking at Manhattan from a ship sailing on the Hudson River in New York, USA, two blue light beams symbolizing the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are undergoing testing. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liao Pan

20 years ago today, two passenger planes hit the World Trade Center in New York one after another, and then the Pentagon in the United States was also hit by a passenger plane. The incident caused the death of nearly 3,000 people and shocked the world.

On the same day, nearly a thousand people gathered here at the World Trade Center Site Plaza in New York to mourn the victims of the “September 11” terrorist attack 20 years ago. US President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, former President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, former President Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton attended the commemoration ceremony.

Biden posted on social media that the “September 11” terrorist attack was an “unspeakable act of cowardice and hatred,” and nearly 3,000 people suffered as a result. “As a country, we must not forget the people who lost their lives at the darkest moment in history, and the long-term pain caused by the loss of their families and loved ones.”

In Arlington, Virginia The Pentagon, where the US Department of Defense is located, also held a memorial ceremony on the same day. US Secretary of Defense Austin gave a speech, affirming the achievements of the United States in combating terrorism in the past 20 years, saying that “the people who attacked the United States paid the price.” Austin also said that although the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, it can still track the situation in Afghanistan. He believes that the United States is “safer” than it was 20 years ago.

On the same day, a memorial ceremony was also held in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Today, 20 years ago, a passenger plane hijacked by terrorists crashed here. Former US President George Walker Bush delivered a speech at the memorial ceremony, saying that the “September 11” incident “changed the lives of all people forever”, but after the incident, the American people were “united and resilient.” “, and now “this kind of unity seems very far away.” Bush also stated that the United States still needs to remain vigilant with regard to terrorist organizations inside and outside the United States.

US Vice President Harris also attended the memorial ceremony in Shanksville Town. She said that on the 20th anniversary of the “September 11” incident, “we look back on the past and mourn the dead, and at the same time we should look forward to tomorrow and the future.” Harris emphasized that “unity” is particularly important at the moment, and “diversity is the strength of the United States.”

On the same day, commemorative activities were also held in Boston, Massachusetts and San Jose, California. At the same time, several online platforms held online commemorative activities. Many people have posted that the “scars” caused by the “9.11” incident will always exist. (End)