Affect 100 million people! Biden “six-pronged” to fight the epidemic and force these people to be vaccinated…

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China News Service, September 10th. According to a comprehensive report, on the 9th local time, US President Biden delivered a speech at the White House, explaining his new “six-pronged” anti-epidemic strategy. He said that all federal workers must comply with stricter vaccine regulations, private companies are also encouraged to do so, and the latest measures will affect as many as 100 million people.

Affect 100 million people! Biden “six-pronged” to fight the epidemic and force these people to be vaccinated…


p > Biden severely accused the approximately 80 million Americans who had not been vaccinated, saying “Your refusal (vaccination) cost us all.”

Biden has signed an executive order that requires all federal workers to be vaccinated, no longer provides “regular testing” options to avoid vaccinations, and expands the same standard to contracts that have business dealings with the federal government Business employees.

The U.S. Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Aboriginal Health Service under the Department of Health, and the National Institutes of Health have stated that they will require their 2.5 million employees to be vaccinated.

In addition, the Biden administration will also require private companies with more than 100 employees to implement vaccine requirements or conduct weekly tests on employees, which affects approximately 80 million Americans. All health care workers who receive Medicare or Medicaid must also be fully vaccinated, which will affect approximately 17 million people.

Compared with the federal employee vaccine policy announced by Biden earlier this year, this is a major change. Previously, the government allowed those who chose not to be vaccinated to comply with strict epidemic prevention measures and receive regular testing. The White House stated that the federal government should set an example for other companies in its own vaccine regulations and praised large companies that require employees to be vaccinated.

In addition, Biden’s new anti-epidemic strategy also includes: providing vaccine boosters for all eligible Americans; regular testing of students, faculty and staff; making home testing products more affordable; and simplifying salaries. Protection plan loan relief process; increase support for hospitals that are overburdened by COVID-19 patients.