Astronomers found six early galaxies that ran out of fuel

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Astronomers found six early galaxies that ran out of fuel < / P > < p > these six galaxies are called “extinct” galaxies and can no longer form stars. These galaxies were selected for observation as part of the high redshift resolving query magnified galaxies or request survey. Kate Whitaker is the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of astronomy at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She said that the most massive galaxy in the universe created stars in a very short time. At first, scientists thought that gas should be very rich in the early universe. Galaxies stopped producing stars billions of years after the big bang</ p> < p > in the new study, however, the team determined that these galaxies had run out of fuel to make stars, rather than simply stopping star formation. Using the observations of Hubble and Alma, the researchers observed continuous emission at millimeter wavelength, which is a dust tracker, which can infer the amount of gas remaining in the galaxy. Requiem uses these two telescopes and gravitational lenses to observe dormant galaxies with higher spatial resolution</ p>

Astronomers found six early galaxies that ran out of fuel(1) < / P > < p > this survey enables people to clearly see the interior of these distant galaxies, which is often impossible for extinct galaxies. When galaxies stop making stars, they quickly become very dim, making it difficult or impossible for them to observe with a single telescope. It is found that the end of star formation in the six target galaxies is not due to the low efficiency of converting cold gas into stars. On the contrary, the end of star formation in galaxies is caused by the depletion or removal of gas reservoirs in galaxies</ p> < p > scientists do not understand why this happens, but it may be related to the activity of supermassive black holes</ p>