Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center will operate next Monday

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The government service center of the city’s sub-center will run next Monday.

The first batch of 1722 municipal government service items can be handled; the 24-hour service area can handle more than 180 items of social security and other inquiry printing services

< p>Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center will operate next Monday

September 9, Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center, with An enclosed “house” with frosted glass can protect the privacy of the staff.

Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center will operate next Monday(1)

Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center The old factory area was renovated and transformed.

Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center will operate next Monday(2)

The 24-hour service area has driver self-service Physical examination machine.

In the future, it will be more convenient for residents and enterprises in the east to do business. Beijing City Sub-center Government Affairs Service Center will be officially launched on September 13th, the first batch of 1722 municipal government affairs service items can be handled, and Liuliqiao Municipal Affairs Service Center will form an “East and West” government service pattern that echoes. In the next step, the center will be jointly operated with the Tongzhou District Government Service Center. By then, 1738 district-level government service items can be handled here.

The deputy center government service center is located in the old factory park of the former Beiren Group Beijing Forging Machine Tool Plant, No. 48 Xinhua East Street, Tongzhou District. Tall open space.

According to the concept of “urban repair”, the service center is renovated from the old factory area, filling the shortcomings of public services in the old city of the sub-center, and also retaining the memory of industrial history.

Introduced by Liu Qiang, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Affairs Bureau, the deputy central government service center can undertake the handling of 1,722 municipal government service items in the first batch, forming an “East and West” response to Liuliqiao Municipal Service Center The new pattern of government services allows the business people to enjoy the “same quality and same efficiency” service experience as the Liuliqiao Municipal Service Center in the city’s sub-center. As the next step is to realize the joint operation with the Tongzhou District Government Service Center, there will be 1,738 district-level government service items that can be handled here.

What services are provided to special groups such as the elderly?

The lobby also provides free Internet access, drinking water, mobile phone charging, self-service shopping, book purchase and other services, and is equipped with equipment and facilities such as assistance for the disabled and first aid. For special groups such as the elderly, the disabled, and pregnant women, the staff provides full-process “one-to-one” companion services to ensure “zero obstacles” in the handling process.

On the second floor of the lobby, there is a special service area for “inter-regional communication”, which provides special support for cooperation with Langfang Beisan County, Xiongan New District, Tianjin Binhai New District, and “inter-provincial communication” and “inter-provincial communication” with the 5 eastern districts of this city. Handling of matters related to district general affairs.

Every Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30 (except national legal holidays) to provide services for clerks, no lunch break.

Every Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00, we provide extended weekend services for clerks.

Smart devices “on duty” closed cabins to protect privacy

On September 9, reporters came to the service hall of the sub-center government service center. What appeared in front of them was not a personal worker window, but It is 50 intelligent self-service terminals with full sense of science and technology. Following the staff, the reporter experienced a convenient and fast working process.

After making an appointment to pick up the number, the clerk will get a QR code. With the ID card or QR code, the clerk “swiped” and opened an intelligent self-service terminal. The smart terminal is similar to a computer desk with its own large screen. There are keyboards, USB sockets, headset sockets, buttons for calling manual services, and wireless charging loops on the desktop.

The service person puts the mobile phone on the charging ring, and can charge while working. At the same time, the large screen has a privacy screen function, only the service person sitting directly opposite the large screen can see the information on the screen, and other people passing by can see the “black screen”.

In the lobby, there are 13 smart self-service terminals located in a closed “house”. “Because the room partition of the’hut’ uses frosted glass, it can protect the business privacy of the staff, such as confidential drawings.” In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the infrared monitoring probe at the entrance of the hall is provided without a mask. And abnormal body temperature alarm function. At the same time, the automatic comparison function of ID card identification and health code travel of the number picking machine is added to give early warning to close contacts from areas with high risk of the epidemic. The touch screens of the intelligent self-service terminals in the hall are all pasted with a protective film with sterilization function, and hand sanitizers are installed to avoid indirect infection of the staff.

Policy and technical blessings can be done in 10 minutes.

Visitors can do things in 10 minutes. How is this achieved? The reporter learned that a series of technical and policy blessings can achieve “free submission” of some materials and “free filling” of some information.

When the clerk uploads the application materials through the self-service terminal, he can put the materials under the high-speed camera, focus, scan, and upload. “We can also use the form of document reuse to call existing electronic documents through the Beijing electronic certificate database, eliminating the need for the handlers to carry physical certificates to the lobby for processing.” The staff said that there are currently 174 electronic certificates. After realizing this function, it can be automatically matched to the corresponding application materials only after confirmation and authorization.

If the business enterprise involves reorganization, absorption and merger, etc., there are dozens of pages in the corporate charter alone, and scanning page by page is too slow. At this time, the USB port on the “desktop” When it comes to use, the clerk can directly insert the U disk to upload electronic files.

The information manually entered by the clerk can be recognized by OCR conversion and photographing to generate a fillable and changeable electronic form, which reduces the secondary entry of information by window personnel in traditional forms and improves work efficiency.

After submitting the application, the system will automatically “call” the staff of Liuliqiao to review the documents. Both parties can communicate via video and complete the application and answer questions online. Each smart self-service terminal is equipped with a silent headset to reduce mutual interference in remote connections and improve call quality. After the review is passed, the clerk can deposit the materials in the material cabinet, and the terminal will automatically print a “Notice of Acceptance” with a red electronic signature.

According to the staff, some manual windows are also set up on the second floor of the service center to deal with situations where the clerk is carrying thick materials and cannot be put in the material cabinet and difficult incidents.

In the future, the clerks can choose four ways to receive the result file-Liuliqiao Government Service Hall, Sub-center Government Service Center, Courier to Home, and 24-hour self-service counter.

The 24-hour self-service counter is located in the 24-hour service area of ​​the sub-center government service center. Here, the clerks can use different self-service equipment to handle more than 180 items such as social security, taxation, provident fund, etc. involving Beijing and Tianjin. , Inquiry and printing service of convenience matters in Hebei.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a self-service physical examination machine for drivers in the service area, which can take photos of the driver’s license and complete physical examinations such as height, weight, vision, hearing, and limbs. The inspection results will be uploaded to the hospital. After the hospital passes the video online review, the data will be directly transmitted to the vehicle management business processing system.

In order to keep the people from running errands, the service center has set up a multifunctional conference room. In the conference room, the district environmental protection department personnel are communicating with a company online, guiding the company personnel to modify the irregular design drawings. Use a red pen to draw the drawing of the revision mark, present it on the big screen in real time, and give feedback to the company personnel. “This company needs to review and approve pollutant discharge permits. In the past, corporate personnel needed to bring paper maps. Now they only need to run once, and they don’t even have to come in person.”

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