Building a “BRIC Model” of Multilateralism Cooperation, President Xi emphasized

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First report | Building a “BRIC model” for multilateral cooperation, President Xi emphasized this.

President Xi Jinping attended the 13th BRICS Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing on the 9th via video. Delivered an important speech, put forward China’s initiative and announced pragmatic measures to promote BRICS cooperation, so as to inject confidence and strength into the BRICS countries to achieve more effective multilateral cooperation and promote the BRICS countries to achieve higher-quality common development.

To clarify the direction of BRICS cooperation in the changing world, President Xi Jinping pointed out——

Building a “BRIC Model” of Multilateralism Cooperation, President Xi emphasized

“No matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we think in one place and work hard in one place, BRIC cooperation will be stable and practical. Going far.”

Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging around the world, the recovery of the world economy is difficult and tortuous, and the evolution of the international order is profound and complicated. In the face of challenges, President Xi Jinping pointed out that the BRICS countries should promote the practice of true multilateralism, promote global solidarity to fight the epidemic, promote open and innovative growth, and promote common development.

Four “promotions” respond to the voice of the times, not only based on solving current problems, but also focusing on long-term development, to build a new consensus for the stable and long-term cooperation of the BRICS, and to inject new ideas into the building of a “BRIC model” of multilateralism. power.

In this meeting, President Xi Jinping put forward a five-point proposal to promote the high-quality development of BRICS practical cooperation. The five “persistences” all focus on “cooperation”, demonstrating China’s determination to promote true multilateralism, and also contributing Chinese solutions to coping with many major challenges facing the world and advancing global solidarity and cooperation in various fields.

Building a “BRIC Model” of Multilateralism Cooperation, President Xi emphasized(1)

Focus on pragmatic cooperation , Is one of the essentials to truly practice multilateralism. Four years ago, the Xiamen meeting of BRICS leaders opened the second “Golden Decade” of BRICS cooperation. Over the past four years, China has taken solid actions to help improve the BRICS cooperation mechanism, consolidate the “three-wheel drive” structure of economic, trade, financial, political security, and people-to-people exchanges, and actively expand the “BRICS+” cooperation model to strengthen solidarity and cooperation among developing countries. diligent.

Through practical actions to promote multilateralism and enhance solidarity and cooperation, the international community has witnessed China’s continuous efforts. Focusing on anti-epidemic cooperation, President Xi Jinping said at this meeting that China has provided more than 1 billion doses of vaccines and stock solutions to more than 100 countries and international organizations, and will strive to provide 2 billion doses of vaccines throughout the year. On the basis of donating 100 million U.S. dollars to the “New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan”, China will donate another 100 million doses of vaccine to developing countries during the year.

In the field of economic cooperation, the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Xiamen Innovation Base has been officially opened. Talent training, think tank seminars, industrial innovation competitions have been held, and the Industrial Internet and Digital Manufacturing Development Forum will be held next year At the level of people-to-people and cultural exchanges, China held a women’s innovation competition this year, adding a touch of luster to BRICS cooperation under the epidemic. China will also hold seminars on state governance in the BRICS countries, forums for people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and set up online training courses for media from the five countries.

Building a “BRIC Model” of Multilateralism Cooperation, President Xi emphasized(2)

September 2021 On the 8th, the 2021 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Exhibition opened in Xiamen. This is a model of the exhibited airplane taken at the exhibition.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of BRICS cooperation. Over the past 15 years, the BRICS countries have created a “BRIC model” for multilateralism through extensive and in-depth cooperation practices, and interpreted to the world the “BRIC path” leading to a community with a shared future for mankind. Over the past 15 years, the BRICS countries have worked together to meet challenges and seek common prosperity and development. Through solidarity and cooperation, they have continuously increased their “BRIC power” and “BRIC influence”, so as to make the global development map more comprehensive and balanced, in order to improve the global governance system and promote the prosperity of the world. Make unremitting contributions to stability.

I believe that with the joint efforts of the BRICS countries, the BRICS mechanism will be able to radiate new vigor and vitality, and the “BRIC model” of multilateral cooperation will definitely become more beautiful, and make new efforts to promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind. Greater contribution.

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