Can you start a space tour if you buy a “ship ticket” for several million? Thinking too simple

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Can you start a space tour if you buy a “ship ticket” for several million? Thinking too simple

The flight is called Inspiration4. The crew includes the billionaire Jared Isaacman who paid for the mission, and the doctor’s assistant Hayley. Hayley Arceneaux, engineer Chris Sembroski, and geoscientist Sian Proctor. They will fly around the earth for three days, enjoy the scenery and collect data for scientific research, then make a vertical landing in the atmosphere and safely land with the aid of a parachute.

In the past five months, the crew has been training, learning various operating manuals, pushing their bodies to the limit, and preparing for the worst. This week, they finally completed the training plan developed by NASA. Although Isaacman has thousands of hours of experience flying jets and former military aircraft, he admits that astronaut training is “more intense” than he expected.

Can you start a space tour if you buy a “ship ticket” for several million? Thinking too simple(1)

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) and British billionaire Richard Branson (Richard Branson) each took a rocket into the edge of space (not into orbit), the two did not disclose the details of their training. But the crew of Inspiration4 is always sharing their preparations publicly, giving people a glimpse of what amateurs need to do for space flight.

The following is what they revealed:

● When the Inspiration4 mission crew was screened, the first thing they did together was to watch SpaceX launch the third batch of commercials to the International Space Station. astronaut.

● Feel the centrifuge during training. The centrifuge spins very fast and can generate centrifugal force to push things outward. When the pulling force of gravity on the body reaches three times the normal force, this force will produce the feeling of launch.

● The four people climbed the 4400-meter-high active volcano Mount Rainier together in early May.

● After climbing Mount Rainier, the crew flew to the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Gaya, and began to earnestly receive 12 hours of daily training, and must have a good understanding of the Falcon 9 rocket and carrier The parts of the human dragon spacecraft, how they work, and what problems might arise.

● In a simulated manned dragon spacecraft model, the crew of Inspiration 4 practiced the launch and landing procedures. When they got used to how things should work if everything went well, the trainers began to add problems and spacecraft failures to the simulation.

● Experience weightlessness in parabolic flight. In parabolic flight, the aircraft will fly up and down in an arc, causing a weightlessness of up to 30 seconds at the peak of the arc.

● As scientists want more information about how spaceflight affects the body, the crew of Inspiration4 offered to collect biological data for NASA. In addition to collecting blood and skin samples from each other, the crew will also monitor their sleep status, perform daily cognitive tests on the iPad, and scan their organs with ultrasound equipment.

● During the training, the Inspiration4 crew made public appearances, accepted media interviews, and visited the space camp.

● After the training, Isaacman, Procott, and Asino Sambrosky flew to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last Thursday to complete the final preparations before launch. (Little)