Cases soaring in the U.S. ICU beds will be exhausted, summer camp outbreak causes 180 infections

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China News Service, September 1 reported that the delta new crown variant strain continues to spread in the United States, causing a surge in new crown cases and a soaring number of hospitalizations. Many hospitals have reached the capacity limit. Intensive care units in five states in the United States The beds will run out soon. In addition, as the new school year begins, the number of child infections is also increasing. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, a youth summer camp in Illinois even caused 180 people to be infected with the new crown.

Cases soaring in the U.S. ICU beds will be exhausted, summer camp outbreak causes 180 infections


p > On June 24, 2020, local time, Houston, USA, a member unit of the Texas Medical Center-Baylor St. Luke Medical Center has a colorful letter board “Heroes work here.” Photo by Zeng Jingning, a reporter from China News Service , Especially in areas with low vaccination rates, many hospitals have reached the limit of capacity, and the intensive care unit beds in five states will soon be exhausted.

Data shows that less than 10% of intensive care unit beds are left in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Arkansas.

In Georgia, Northeast Georgia Health Systems CEO Carol Burrell said that on the morning of August 30, there were 287 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the hospital, which is more The number of people since January is still high.

“So, basically, our hospital is full,” Carol Burrell said. “We hope to increase the waiting area in the corridors and meeting rooms. The number of people in our emergency rooms and emergency care centers is higher than during the entire epidemic.”

As the number of hospitalizations increased, so did the number of deaths. Increase with it. Central Florida Disaster Medical Coalition, a non-profit organization in Florida, said the organization purchased a total of 14 portable morgues to help deal with the “unprecedented” number of deaths from the new crown in the region.

The new school year is about to increase the number of children’s cases

The summer camp epidemic in this place has confirmed 180 people

In addition, data from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that there are also cases in children. In addition, the number of children who tested positive for the new crown in early August reached the highest level since the winter of 2020.

As parents and students prepare for the new school year, the rise in child infections has worried experts. Health experts are particularly worried about how cases will develop as schools open. In many areas, thousands of students have been required to enter quarantine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported on August 31 that a church summer camp and conference in central Illinois caused as many as 180 people to be infected with the new crown virus, of which 22 were fully vaccinated . The members of the summer camp are mainly teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18, and they share meals during the summer camp.

The CDC report pointed out that the summer camp was held in late June. As of August 13, the gathering eventually resulted in 180 people infected with the disease. Residents have the largest number of infections.

The report shows that among 180 infected persons, 122 have participated in the camp activities, and the other 58 cases contracted the virus due to close contact with participants in the conference.

The report also stated that the participants of the camp do not need to provide a vaccination certificate before arriving at the camp, nor do they need to provide a negative virus test report, and masks are not included in the list of items to carry.

The CDC report pointed out that as of August 7th, there have been at least 21 outbreaks in the summer camps in Illinois that provide accommodation. Therefore, it is recommended that any gathering activities, strengthen screening and require participants to get vaccinated first , Wearing a mask and keeping a distance can effectively prevent the spread of the virus.