Chen Yufei injured her foot in the National Games competition

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Chinanews.com client, September 10th. According to the World Badminton Federation, in the women’s team badminton competition of the 14th National Games on the 9th, the Olympic champion Chen Yufei, who played for the Zhejiang team, had her feet caught in the match. Cuts and the game was interrupted for a while.

Chen Yufei injured her foot in the National Games competition

In Tokyo that just ended At the Olympics, Chen Yufei, as the single female sister of Guoyu, defeated the strong enemy all the way, and defeated the Chinese Taipei star Dai Ziying in the final, helping Guoyu crown the glory of women’s singles champion for the first time in 9 years.

At the National Games, whether Chen Yufei can take the Olympic champion and win the national championship has become the focus of all parties’ attention. However, in the E group of the women’s badminton team on the 9th, Chen Yufei suffered an accidental injury.

In the first game, Chen Yufei started the game slowly and was seized by Fujian player Han Yue to get ahead with 21:16. In the second game, Chen Yufei, who gradually entered the rhythm of the game, began to take the initiative on the court, but when it was in the middle, Chen Yufei suddenly applied for a medical timeout.

Chen Yufei injured her foot in the National Games competition(1)

Then the site doctor responded Chen Yufei’s right big toe was bandaged and the game was interrupted. Fortunately, Chen Yufei was not bothered by this injury, and defeated his opponent with a 2:1 reversal, helping Zhejiang team beat Fujian 3:0.

Talking about the injury after the game, Chen Yufei said: “I didn’t know how to open the front of the shoe in the first game. Something like a wire or a thread cut my foot away. That thing keeps scratching my thumb.”

According to the pictures published on the official Weibo of the World Badminton Federation, even though Chen Yufei was wearing thick sports socks, her right big toe was still cut off. There was a deep hole, and there were bleeding stains on the socks.

Badminton is an intense sport, if Chen Yufei’s foot injury cannot recover in time, it will definitely affect her subsequent journey in the National Games. I wish Chen Yufei a speedy recovery and good results in the National Games. (End)