Chongqing table tennis player Liao Keli wins his first gold in the Tokyo Paralympic Games

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China News Service, Chongqing, September 3 (Liang Qinqing) On the afternoon of the 3rd, in the MT6-7 finals of the men’s table tennis team at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the Chinese team Yan Shuo/Liao Keli defeated the British team and became the Chinese Paralympic representative. The regiment won the 79th gold medal. This is not only the first gold medal of Chongqing athlete Liao Keli at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, but also the first gold medal won by Chongqing athletes at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Liao Keli was born in 1990 and is 31 years old this year. He graduated from Chongqing Urban Management Vocational College and is a member of the Chinese National Disabled Table Tennis Team. When he was 5 years old, an accident caused his upper right limb and upper arm to be amputated, and multiple skins were transplanted on his body. The damage was second-degree disability. After losing his right hand, he did not give up and began to learn to eat and write with his left hand.

In 2003, Liao Keli was in the fifth grade of elementary school. Once he went out to play with his father. When he saw the table tennis team training in the gym, he was deeply attracted. This opened up years of professional training in table tennis.

Chongqing table tennis player Liao Keli wins his first gold in the Tokyo Paralympic Games


p > Chongqing athlete Liao Keli won his first gold in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Photo courtesy of Chongqing Disabled Persons’ Federation

At this Tokyo Paralympic Games, Liao Keli won the men’s table tennis MT6-7 gold medal in the men’s singles TT7 event on August 28, He also won a bronze medal.

According to the content published by the WTT World Table Tennis Federation on Sina Weibo, Liao Keli said that he was nervous when he first played. After all, team competitions also reflect the strength of a country. The performance of the Chinese team in previous team competitions Very good, and I hope to get this gold medal to China. He also said that partnering with teammate Yan Shuo was very at ease. After seven years of partnering with each other, he was very excited to win the gold medal in the end. (End)