“Dancing Student” AB corner replacement competition system is cruel, Meng Meiqi was moved to tears

By yqqlm yqqlm

Chinanews.com, September 13th. The dance competition growth reality show “Dance Student” is currently being aired on iQiyi. Last Saturday, the dancers faced the brutal AB corner substitution pressure as motivation and earnestly prepared for the first stage of cooperation. At the AB corner assessment site, dance predecessors Tang Shiyi, Xie Xin and Wang Runjin frequently appeared. Many constructive opinions have benefited the dancers a lot.

“Dancing Student” AB corner replacement competition system is cruel, Meng Meiqi was moved to tears

This issue, corner AB The replacement game system reveals the whole picture. The B corner can replace the A corner through competition and become the absolute protagonist on the stage. However, if the B corner fails in the competition, it will lose the opportunity to be on the stage. The dancers are facing more pressure from the cruel competition system, but as Li Chengxi said, “If there is competition, everyone will rehearse more actively.”

In the program, each group of dancers has made different efforts for the first stage cooperation, and there will be gains if you pay. At the assessment site, the performance of the dancers won Tang Shiyi, Xie Xinhe Recognized by the three “dance gods” of Wang Run. Tang Shiyi explained the meaning of oriental aesthetics with the eight words of “retraction and release, from the inside out”; Xie Xin mentioned the dancer Li Xueyin to let her “master the strength between the body and the expression”; Wang Run told the dancers to dance At times, let “the state sink down and control the rhythm of the music.”

The first collaboration stage of “Dancing Students” kicked off wonderfully. According to the competition system, only the top five dancers in the vote will become the A corner of the next stage of cooperation. In order to gain this precious opportunity, the dancers have used “the power of the wild.” In the program, the original ecological dance “Pan” was wild and unrestrained, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of the scene; the new freestyle choreographer “Snake” was cool and handsome, and the dynamic stage won applause from the audience; the modern ballet “The Rose in No Man’s Land” High-level sexy, A-angle Luan Tianyi is difficult to stand up to 190 degrees. The horse is amazing; the Mongolian dance “Angel on the Grassland” is soft and strong, fully showing the simple and heroic of the children of the grassland. The signature bowling action made Jin Chen eager to try it. Dancing was praised by netizens for “very solid dance skills”.

In the program, in addition to the wonderful first stage cooperation, the team spirit of the dancers and their love for dance are even more moving. In the original ecological dance, Li Xueyin missed the stage and still screamed with the team members following the dance rhythm on the side of the stage. Although the white rabbit did not come on stage in the Mongolian dance, the other teammates still did not forget to introduce the white rabbit on the stage side to the audience. The brutal AB corner replacement competition system did not make the dancers feel grudged, on the contrary, it further condensed the team spirit of the dancers. The dancer Guo Jiayu danced with his teammates on the side of the stage. The burning soul of the group made Meng Meiqi “almost to tears” while also letting the audience feel the dancer’s passion for dance.

After the show was broadcast, many netizens left a message, “Wherever you have a passion in your heart, they will shine.” Just as Meng Meiqi encouraged dancers to say, “Even if the rules are cruel, the dancers want to go up. I hope that both the A corner and the B corner will work hard to shine.”