“Doctor of Yugu Nationality” Zhang Huigang: Self-discipline and self-confidence to be a “matchmaker” to spread national culture in both directions

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China News Service, Lanzhou, September 13th (Reporter Yin Chunyong, Yan Jiao, Gao Ying) As the 14th Yugu doctor in Sunan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, Zhang Huigang is committed to using visual communication as a “media” to spread the voice of Yugu people in both directions , Let more students on the grassland become educated and attractive people.

The “good student” in the eyes of relatives: self-discipline so that everything is listed in the schedule

Zhang Huigang is 37 years old this year and is an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Communication of Northwest University for Nationalities. From primary school and middle school in a small county, to master’s and doctoral degrees at Communication University of China and Sichuan University respectively, he has always been a good student and outstanding in the eyes of his relatives.

In early September, Zhang Huigang said in an interview with reporters from China News Service and China News Network that the person he is most grateful for is his mother for his achievements. In his memory, his mother insisted on making breakfast for him every day when he was in school. Because of his mother’s attention, he feels that learning is something that can’t be slackened.

“Doctor of Yugu Nationality” Zhang Huigang: Self-discipline and self-confidence to be a “matchmaker” to spread national culture in both directions

The picture shows Zhang Huigang (left) posed for a photo with an elderly Yugu nationality during the filming of the documentary “Ximao’s Wedding”. (Data map) Photo courtesy of Zhang Huigang

“My mother is a very strong Yugur woman, able to endure hardships and is a role model for me to learn from.” Zhang Huigang said that although her mother only attended the’horseback primary school’, But she is very easy to learn. She loves to read and record, and she often communicates with him about his reading. Amidst subtle changes, he also developed good study habits. He benefited a lot from it until he studied for graduate school and even later worked.

When the reporter visited Zhang Huigang’s home in Lanzhou, he saw that there was a thick stack of schedule sheets pasted on the refrigerator door. The schedule was marked with the items to be completed and the completion time, and each item was crossed out with a pen. He is an extremely self-disciplined person. His instructor once said: “I don’t need to arrange Zhang Huigang’s study, he arranges himself clearly.”

Zhang Huigang was successively rated as “National Civil Affairs Commission Youth Teaching Model” and “National Civil Affairs Commission Young Talent”. “Gansu Province Outstanding Youth Cultural Talents”, “Gansu Province Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Teaching Teachers”, “Gansu Province Longyuan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents”, “Gansu Province Excellent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentors”, etc.

“Doctor of Yugu Nationality” Zhang Huigang: Self-discipline and self-confidence to be a “matchmaker” to spread national culture in both directions(1)

The picture shows Zhang Huigang (third from right) and his team filming the Yugu-themed documentary “Ximao’s Wedding” in Sunan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province. (Data map) Photo courtesy of Zhang Huigang

Benefit from the “Second Classroom”: Be confident when you encounter difficulties

Recalling the experience of studying in Sunan County, Zhang Huigang said, that The entire education system in Shixian County advocates for students to read more, and attaches great importance to the cultivation of “second classroom”. The Yugurs are a nation that can sing and dance. Both cultural and art classes pay attention to all-round development, especially when art activities are held. Everyone participates extensively. “It may be for these reasons that the students’ body and mind develop healthily.”

“I came from a small place and I have never seen much of the world, but when I go to other provinces to study or work, I will not feel inferior to the difficulties encountered, and I will resolve them with confidence.” In his professional experience of Ph.D. in communication, he said that inter-professionals brought him great challenges, especially when he could not understand the content of the class, and other students could use it flexibly and put into practice, he felt very frustrated and painful. Later, in order to keep up with the progress, he would prepare a course five days in advance, and finally got the approval of the teacher.

The people around Zhang Huigang have been influencing him like a “second classroom”. In his opinion, Aunt An Meiying is one of the people he admires most. In 2019, he took his students and a team directed by Wang Xudong to Sunan to shoot the documentary “Ximao’s Wedding”. As a cultural consultant, although his aunt had knee pain, he followed the team throughout the grassland and enthusiastically collected the information that could be provided. The help of location selection, folk custom explanation, etc., made him awe-inspiring.

Zhang Huigang believes that although Sunan County is remote, the cultural education received by the Yugu people is not lagging behind. It can even be said that there is an advanced nature of education, so it has cultivated so many masters, It is not an accidental phenomenon that a Ph.D. becomes a nation of academic dominance. His own nephew, Qiao Haiwei, grew up in Sunan, and was later recommended to the Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for postgraduate and doctoral studies.

“Doctor of Yugu Nationality” Zhang Huigang: Self-discipline and self-confidence to be a “matchmaker” to spread national culture in both directions(2)


p >The picture shows Zhang Huigang (first from the right) visiting a respected old man of the Yugu nationality in Sunan County, Gansu. (Data map) Photo courtesy of Zhang Huigang

Visual communication serves as a “media” to spread national culture in both directions

Just like the mother teaches herself, Zhang Huigang also hopes that young children on the grassland will not Only for the purpose of studying for master’s or doctoral degree, but through knowledge to become a literate and attractive person. After becoming a professor at the university, he became more committed to “two-way” guidance, spreading the voice of the Yugu people through visual communication, and bringing some high-quality resources to Sunan County.

“In the beginning, I longed for my nation to be understood and recognized. The Yugurs have a long history and many fine traditions. This is also the reason why I chose communication when I was studying for a Ph.D.” Zhang Huigang said. He has come into contact with students from all ethnic groups across the country and thinks that students from other ethnic minorities are also very cute. When they get along with each other, they communicate with each other in a gesture of looking up to each other’s ethnicity, respect each other very much, and also absorb the shining points of other ethnic friends.

Some of the high-quality resources Zhang Huigang brought back to Sunan County are the aforementioned college students of various nationalities. They use their spirit and style to influence young local students. “This is a two-way process.” For example, he said that in the past, Northwest University for Nationalities held an academic conference on the spread of national culture, film and television. As an intermediate “bridge”, he applied to open branch venues in Sunan, such as Peking University and Sichuan. Scholars from top domestic universities such as universities have all gone there.

Because of keen attention to the protection and inheritance of Yugu culture, Zhang Huigang and his “cucurbit baby” team carried out a large number of on-site investigations, investigations and studies, and national video dissemination related to the Yugu people. They successively participated in the filming of Yugu folklore documentaries such as “Singing to the West to Hazhi in Dreams Again” and “Ximao’s Wedding”. Won the first prize in the film and television works of the forum.

“There is still a bold idea in the future, which is to do relevant research with students on ethnic culture, and to find problems from their experience and research. I hope that Yugu culture will be paid attention to.” Zhang Huigang imagined. road. (End)