Gansu “Echelon Cultivation” High-tech Enterprise Cooperating to Promote “Precise Overweight”

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Chinanews.com, Lanzhou, September 9th (Reporter Wei Jianjun) The Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department disclosed on the 9th that the department will work with relevant departments to further improve the “echelon cultivation” system for high-tech enterprises, actively build a collaborative promotion mechanism, and optimize identification Management process, implementation of rewards and subsidies policies, implementation of precise services, actively build the advantages of enterprise innovation groups, and cultivate high-tech enterprises as the main force to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development in the province.

Gansu “Echelon Cultivation” High-tech Enterprise Cooperating to Promote “Precise Overweight”


p >The picture shows the Industrial Incubation Building in Lanzhou New District. (Data map) Courtesy of the Gansu Science and Technology Department

Since this year, the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department has been striving to build an echelon cultivation of “incubating innovative entrepreneurial enterprises—technological small and medium-sized enterprises—provincial scientific and technological innovation enterprises—high-tech enterprises” System, precise policy implementation, key support, optimized services, matching support policies and compensation measures at the development stage of benchmarking enterprises, concentrated high-quality resources to carry out “one-to-one” precise services, and the cultivation of high-tech enterprises has made phased progress.

Gansu also issued “Measures on Deepening the Reform and Innovation of Scientific and Technological Systems and Mechanisms to Promote High-quality Development”, which “precisely overweights” enterprise scientific and technological innovation, and grants 200,000 yuan to high-tech enterprises that have passed the certification for the first time. Reward and supplementary funds, 100,000 yuan will be given to the high-tech enterprises that have passed the certification again, and 50,000 yuan will be given to the enterprises selected in the provincial high-tech enterprise cultivation bank. It is expected to be used to support high-tech enterprises in 2021. Will exceed 80 million yuan.

Through policy “iterative upgrade”, high-tech enterprises are given priority support in terms of funds and projects, and policy dividends are effectively transformed into “boosters” for enterprise development, so as to realize the cultivation, declaration, and Recognition and rewards and subsidies policies support the full process coverage. At the same time, strengthen the training, interpretation, and publicity of policies such as income tax reduction and exemption for high-tech enterprises and additional deductions for research and development expenses, to further mobilize enterprises’ enthusiasm for applying for high-tech enterprises, and stimulate the motivation of enterprises for independent innovation.

At present, the Gansu Department of Science and Technology has completed the comprehensive review of the first batch of high-tech enterprises, and applied to the Ministry of Science and Technology for filing 303 high-tech enterprises. The number of filings increased by 45.6% year-on-year. The second batch of high-tech enterprises Enterprise identification is in progress. It is estimated that there will be a net increase of 120 high-tech enterprises in 2021, and the number of high-tech enterprises in the province will reach about 1,350.

This year, the department organized more than 1,300 companies to participate in the evaluation and storage of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. After enterprise self-evaluation, review by evaluation agencies, confirmation by provincial science and technology departments, and verification by taxation departments, 880 companies Obtain the warehousing number. Revise the “Gansu Province Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise Recognition Management Measures” and “Gansu Province Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprise Recognition and Management Implementation Rules”, develop the “Gansu Province Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Application System” to institutionalize, standardize, and informatize to serve provincial-level scientific and technological innovation Type enterprise.

At the same time, promote the identification of provincial-level scientific and technological innovation enterprises, entrust professional institutions to conduct on-site investigations, and identify 123 enterprises as provincial-level scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Collectively carry out “one enterprise, one policy” guidance service to help relevant enterprises develop towards high-tech enterprises.

According to statistics, at present, Gansu Province has 12 national-level technology business incubators and 44 provincial-level technology business incubators. The incubation area of ​​the province above the provincial level has reached 1,576,800 square meters. Incubating enterprises in 2002 There are 71 high-tech enterprises and 22,500 employees in incubating enterprises. At the same time, it further improved the innovation and entrepreneurship service chain, and newly identified 10 provincial-level makerspaces.

In major science and technology projects, key research and development plans, special projects for the central government to guide local science and technology development, science and technology “little giants”, and technology innovation funds for small and medium-sized technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, the department provides key support to high-tech enterprises In 2021, a total of 94 science and technology plan projects will be deployed, and 83.15 million yuan will be allocated. The implementation of the project is expected to help enterprises overcome a number of key technologies that restrict development. (End)