Hanfu “Out of Circle”: Discovering Beauty in Traditional Culture

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China News Service, Yinchuan, September 13th, title: Hanfu “Out of Circle”: Discovering Beauty in Traditional Culture

From September 11th to 13th, “2021 Yunshang Huaxuan·Dunhuang Traditional Costume Culture” series of activities were held in Dunhuang City, Gansu Province. Guan Jiamei, a girl from Yinchuan, Ningxia, was promoted to the national finals of “Cultural Ambassadors of Traditional Costumes and Traditional Costumes in Dunhuang”. As a veteran Hanfu fan, in Guan Jiamei’s view, Hanfu has already “out of the circle.” Among the people participating in the series of activities of “2021 Yunshang Huaxuan·Dunhuang Traditional Costume Culture”, not only young people like Jiamei, but also middle-aged and elderly groups such as “Hanfu Grandma” are also involved.

Hanfu “Out of Circle”: Discovering Beauty in Traditional Culture

Hanfu fans will participate in 2021 Selected by the Flower God of the Year of the Flower Dynasty Festival. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

“I used to be walking down the street in Hanfu, and people often asked me where I was going to perform. Now, more people realize that this is a’Hanfu’.” Guan Jiamei introduced It is said that as people’s acceptance of Hanfu has increased, activities such as the Hanfu Cultural Festival and the Hanfu National Wind Award have appeared one after another, and the commercial volume brought by Hanfu has also increased.

According to iiMedia Consulting’s “Guochao Economic Development Report”, the number of Hanfu fans in 2021 will reach 6.894 million, and the market sales will reach 10.16 billion yuan.

The “out of the circle” of Hanfu is partly due to the unremitting promotion of Hanfu fans. “I often wear Hanfu to do ordinary things and integrate it into my life.” Guan Jiamei said with a smile, she occasionally went shopping with three or five “tongpao” (the mutual name among Hanfu fans), and said Every passerby who is willing to ask introduces Hanfu. Hanfu fan Wang Xueyao told reporters that she will participate in some Hanfu lectures, Hanfu gardens and other activities to promote and introduce Hanfu culture to the public.

Hanfu “Out of Circle”: Discovering Beauty in Traditional Culture(1)

Hanfu enthusiast Wang Yifan participated Hanfu Festival activities. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

The popularity and development of the Internet has further pushed Hanfu into the public eye. “About 2017, Hanfu culture has entered a stage of rapid development.” said Zhang Wenjing, editor-in-chief of Ningxia Huafu.com. Relying on the Internet and short video platforms, the influence of Hanfu has continued to increase. “My online community of Hanfu fans, There are now more than 500 people, more than 10 times the number at the beginning of its establishment.”

Why is the “out of circle” Hanfu more popular? “The most attractive part of Hanfu is definitely the Chinese culture contained in it.” Hanfu enthusiast Wang Yifan said that after contact with Hanfu, she also became interested in traditional culture such as opera and ancient paintings, and met many like-minded friends.

“Wearing Hanfu, there is always an unspeakable sense of travel, as if you are talking to the past and the present in your heart.” Guan Jiamei said, Hanfu expresses the form and meaning of traditional culture in terms of fabrics, tailoring, and colors. The beauty of Hanfu and the inclusiveness of the figure in Hanfu also reflects the inclusive nature of Chinese culture.

Hanfu “Out of Circle”: Discovering Beauty in Traditional Culture(2)

Guan Jiamei, a fan of Hanfu (Left) Participate in the Hanfu Show. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

“Clothing is the display carrier of life aesthetics and the main body of popular culture. Hanfu is once again popular, and it is an important carrier of traditional culture and national spirit.” Ningxia University Feng Jiao, deputy dean of the School of Economics and Management, analyzed that the re-emergence of Hanfu culture is not simply about young people’s consumption of retro, but is accompanied by the influence and impact of external factors such as film and television dramas, social media, short video platforms, and group subcultures. This kind of personality proposition and freedom of choice, in a sense, also demonstrates the independent life philosophy of contemporary young people who pursue the harmony and unity of fashion and retro. (End)