He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center

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The “little dad” of Wang Shuai’s children from Beijing Unprotected Center

The 34-year-old Wang Shuai has been educating and caring for the children for 13 years; the greatest wish is “the children can gain a foothold in society ”

He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center

September 7th, Beijing City At the Adult Rescue and Protection Center, Wang Shuai (a person in black) and the children are active.

He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center(1)

He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center(2)

On September 7, Wang Shuai (a person in black) was playing basketball with his children.

He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center(3)

September 8, Wang Shuai (wearing Those in black clothes) teach children how to cook.

He has been caring for the aided children for 13 years. He is the “little dad” of the children in the uninsured center(4)

September 7, Wang Shuai (wearing People in black clothes) haircut the child.

“Waiting for the day of your wedding ceremony, I can pretend to be your’dad’.” Wang Shuai’s words made silent tears burst in an instant. For those who grew up in the Beijing Municipal Minor Rescue and Protection Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Unprotected Center”), perhaps holding his father’s arms at the wedding has never dared to imagine.

As a staff member of the Education Management Section of the “Uninsured Center”, Wang Shuai is responsible for the daily education, teaching and daily care of the aided children. He is a versatile teacher in computer, drawing and other courses; on the basketball court, he is a teammate side by side; in open-hearted conversations, he is a seductive father; in daily care such as haircuts and cooking It’s like a mother again. Wang Shuai’s greatest wish is “after the children leave me, they can gain a foothold in society and can no longer close themselves”.

The increasing tacit understanding has gradually eliminated communication barriers

In a corner of Qingyundian Town, Daxing District, a boulevard of more than ten kilometers separates the “unprotected center” and the “outside world”.

When it comes to Bailu, the trees on both sides of the tree-lined road are still lush and lush, wisps of sunlight squeezes through the gaps between the leaves, and they become spots on the asphalt road.

Six or seven children who have just finished their lunch break are running and jumping on the basketball court of the “unprotected center”. The huge basketball court is divided into two areas, the basketball area and the skateboard area. put one’s oar in.

Wang Shuai decided to use this time to cut new hairstyles for the two long-haired children.

As soon as Wang Shuai walked to the edge of the basketball court, the children immediately surrounded him to greet him, and then attracted him like a magnet, waiting for his arrangements. Knowing that today is “Barber Day”, the children began to work together. Some brought chairs, some brought toolboxes, and some tiptoes put on work clothes for Wang Shuai, and children who needed haircut took the initiative to sit in the seat. The chair is waiting for Wang Shuai.

“Thin this side a little bit, and open a slit on the left.” About fifteen minutes, the boy’s original hair was cut into a lean and dry “mosi dry head”, with ” Wolf tail”.

“The kids watch the hairstyles of stars on TV, and they want me to cut them like that, so I will practice them slowly.” Wang Shuai said that his techniques are all learned through online video tutorials. When he came, he would only cut his head at the beginning, but later the children asked more, so he learned more.

The eyes of the children have been on Wang Shuai. As soon as Wang Shuai put down the electric clippers in his hand, a child stuck to his side, took his hand and brushed his hair stubble little by little, and the other child took off his work clothes for him. Wang Shuai explained that the two children around him are both deaf and mute. They have been with him for a long time. Without words, the children can understand what he needs next.

The increasing tacit understanding gradually eliminated the communication barriers between Wang Shuai and the children. When you sweat when playing basketball with the children, some children will run to fetch him water; without verbal communication, Wang Shuai can teach deaf-mute children to dance and rehearse mime.

The transformation from a person who takes care of children to a person who is taken care of by the children is not Wang Shuai’s original intention, but it is also the result of ears and eyes.

The children in the “Uninsured Center” are different from other children in society. Some of them have minor violations of the law, some are seriously ill, some have lost their parents, and some are unfortunately disabled. It is not easy for Wang Shuai to complete the process of “ears and eyes”.

Let the children recognize and admire, and then they will be infected.

As long as he is around the children, Wang Shuai will feel particularly “needed”.

In addition to haircuts, Wang Shuai can play basketball, cook, paint, dance, sing, and even difficult martial arts and physical movements.

Wang Shuai believes that in order to attract children to study, they need to be in front of the children in everything. “I call this’idol-style teaching’. Let the children recognize and admire from the heart, and then they will truly be infected. Come to them.”

Zhou Jiaying, a social work teacher who worked with Wang Shuai, said that the children have been getting along with Teacher Wang for a long time, and they can always see the shadow of Teacher Wang in the children. Because Wang Shuai is left-handed, a boy who used to use his right hand to pitch a ball would learn from Teacher Wang to use his left hand; because Wang Shuai would bring points to the children every time he received snacks and drinks from his friends. Several older children who often go out to perform will stay when they get rewards given by others, and give them to other children when they return to the “uninsured center”; because in the computer room he saw Wang Shuai collect the basically scrapped machines I got up and disassembled and repaired, and finally put together more than a dozen computers that can work normally. Some children started to like computers; because they often tried various ingredients to cook with Wang Shuai, some children started to like cooking.

When Huahua, who was taken in before, became an adult, when asked where he wanted to be resettled, Huahua did not hesitate to choose to learn cooking. Although he left Wang Shuai, Huahua still kept in touch with Wang Shuai. Every time he learns a new dish, he will carefully arrange the plate, photograph it, and send it to Wang Shuai.

Wang Shuai was also quite proud when he mentioned Huahua, “you can become a chef after graduation this year.” Because Wang Shuai first studied international hotel management and worked in China World Hotel before. In Huahua, Wang Shuai seemed to see himself.

In Wang Shuai’s memory, when he first met Huahua, he was a six or seven-year-old boy who was wandering and scavenging in Beijing. “He was very short and dark.” Wang Shuai Work with other staff to clean him and take him for a physical examination. Because of his disability, take him to perform surgery and help him with rehabilitation training.

Along the way, Wang Shuai accompanied Huahua to bid farewell to the little boy who didn’t like to talk because of low self-esteem, and had a lazy life. He transformed into a sunny boy who likes basketball, computers and cooking just like Wang Shuai.

Huahua mentioned in his letter to Wang Shuai, “Teacher, I recognize you as my father. If I have a girlfriend, I will be the first to tell you, and I will support you in the future.”

To make up for the regret of “no father by his side” in his childhood

When he saw the word “old care”, Wang Shuai wanted to laugh. At the age of 34, he just got married. “The word touches the edge. But on second thought, this year is already his 13th year working in the “uninsured center”. He can’t remember how many children he has sent back to his parents or into society, but almost every child who leaves is Keep in touch with him. He picked up the phone and sent his feelings to silent.

“Waiting for the day of your wedding ceremony, with me, I can pretend to be your’dad’.”

These words from Wang Shuai made silent tears burst in an instant. Perhaps for this 18-year-old girl, the moment of holding her father’s arms has never been imaginable.

Mute and Accord, a boy one year younger than her, were adopted by a foreign man in China. The “unprotected center” that has a full meal and a balanced meal will exist as a “home”. Their first thought was to “escape”. When the door was locked, they jumped out of the window. After being chased by Wang Shuai, they would curse swear words in English.

I don’t know since when, Accord and Silently, who often lie by the window trying to leave, began to pay attention to Wang Shuai, who played on the basketball court during the lunch break. Dribbling, turning, leaping, dunking, this set of actions inadvertently broke into their eyes. They not only liked and accepted Wang Shuai, but also gradually learned Chinese and shooting.

They confided in their letter to Wang Shuai, “I never opened my heart before I met you.”

For Wang Shuai, he rarely opens his heart before accompanying the children.

Wang Shuai had been living with his grandmother until he was 20 years old. He was not taken care of by his father when he was a child in a single-parent family. In Wang Shuai’s impression, his father was dignified and busy, because his father worked at the Beijing Disaster Relief Donation Management Center and often went to the front line of disaster relief. “No father by his side” was Wang Shuai’s childhood regret.

But Wang Shuai saw “helping others” in his father; when his grandmother often distributed the dumplings to neighbors with more difficult living conditions, Wang Shuai saw “sharing” and he shared these It was passed on to the children around him.

Wang Shuai thinks he can give the children not much, but as long as the children have needs, he will try his best to satisfy them, “I want to make up for my childhood regrets.”

Help the children of “folding wings” return to the sky

“Children’s needs are usually very simple. They are as simple as white paper, but white paper also has white paper. Question.” After the children entered society, they still had no idea about money, and the subsidies or wages they received were spent almost in a blink of an eye.

In November 2018, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau organized faculty and staff to study abroad. Wang Shuai changed his view of education from Finland’s special children’s education. You must have skills to support yourself, and you must also learn how to communicate with people outside the’uninsured center’, and you must have an understanding of money.”

In order to prevent children from getting out of touch with society, Wang Shuai built a virtual currency trading system in the “Unguaranteed Center”. “5 yuan to 100 yuan of virtual currency, let children learn how to make money.” Children usually participate in courses, participate in major activities, help administrators, etc. can receive various monetary rewards. When donated materials are distributed to the center, children can use these currencies to “consume” in exchange for things they like. “To let them experience, make money through hard work, and then spend, this is the shaping of values.” Wang Shuai introduced.

From time to time, Wang Shuai will take the children to “go out”, teaching them how to take the bus, the subway, and how to order and eat.

Before the “Unprotected Center” moved, Wang Shuai would often take a few children to Chaoyang Joy City. The children will do their homework in advance, check the bus routes in the computer class and write them down on paper. Starting from stepping out of the gate of the “unprotected center”, Wang Shuai will let the children take control. “I won’t say that after taking a bus stop, let the children find out by themselves and transfer by themselves. They see it for themselves, and choose the exit.” When needed, he will demonstrate how to apply for a bus card, how to pass the security check and swipe the card to enter the station, reminding children to pay attention to elevator etiquette when taking the elevator and pay attention to civilized behavior in public places. They will also be taken to the game hall or skating rink to experience the lives of children of the same age.

Before meeting Wang Shuai, she had silently accepted from the subconscious “I should be helped, and they should give me something”, but from Teacher Wang, she first met “polite” and ” “Thanksgiving”, she understands that there is never a so-called “deserved”, “have been helped by others and should be given to others when they need it.”

Now Silent has been admitted to a secondary school, and Accord has also been admitted to a high school. Leaving the “unprotected center”, they will dance harmoniously with this society. Wang Shuai still stayed at their original “home” and accompanied a group of children to grow up together. Wang Shuai’s greatest wish is to watch “After the children leave me, they can gain a foothold in society and can no longer close themselves. The bird with its wings can be restored to the sky.”

(华(Hua, Silent, and Accord are pseudonyms)

Beijing News reporter Bo Qiyu and intern Zhang Chi

Photography A06-A07/Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing