Japan’s Nagoya mayor Kawamura infected with new crown

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China News Service, September 1 According to a report from Kyodo News on the 1st, a person in Nagoya, Japan revealed that Mayor Takayuki Kawamura (72 years old) was infected with the new crown virus.

Reported that after the male serving as his special secretary was diagnosed with infection on August 29, Kawamura Takayuki quarantined himself at home.

Japan’s Nagoya mayor Kawamura infected with new crown

Not long ago, Takayuki Kawamura During the meeting with the representative of the Japanese softball team who won the gold in the Tokyo Olympics, Nozomi Goto from Nagoya as a representative put the gold medal on Kawamura’s neck. Kawamura suddenly put the gold medal in the mouth and took a bite.

Hecun’s actions were immediately criticized by the public. People have said that “during the epidemic prevention period of the new crown epidemic, this behavior should not occur” “this behavior is very rude.” Not only that, but Japanese social media is also constantly criticized.

In response, Takayuki Kawamura responded that the reason for biting the gold medal was “to show his greatest affection (to the players)”. He also said, “If this causes trouble, I am sorry.”