Large area of ​​single-season rice lodging in Fenghua, Zhejiang, more than 5,000 acres of crops affected

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China News Service, Ningbo, September 13 (Reporter Lin Bo) On September 13, the reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province that Typhoon “Sandu” brought continuous wind and rain to Fenghua District. Affected by this, large-scale lodging of single-season rice in Fenghua District, which is about to mature, has caused agro-technical experts to rush to the field to check the damage.

At 10 o’clock on the 13th, at the time of heavy wind and heavy rain at Mailang Farm in Jiangkou Street, Fenghua District, a large area of ​​contiguous single-season rice fell on the spot. Agricultural technology experts are discussing remedial measures with farmers.

According to Zhu Hailong, the person in charge of Mailang Farm, he planted 200 acres of single-season rice variety “Yongyou 15”. “Now it seems that almost half of it has fallen. The agricultural technology department is very concerned about us. Yesterday they Come and give instructions to drain the ditch.”

Large area of ​​single-season rice lodging in Fenghua, Zhejiang, more than 5,000 acres of crops affected

Fenghua agricultural technology experts guided the scene. Photo by Yan Zining

It is understood that the 200 mu of single-season rice in Mailang Farm is in the growing period. Due to the proper management in the early stage, the grain is growing and the harvest is expected to start on October 10.

Although before the typhoon came, the farm did timely defensive measures such as clearing the ditch and drainage, but due to the continuous wind and rain, the single-season rice still fell to varying degrees.

For this reason, Fenghua agricultural technology experts remind farmers to determine the affected area in time and take remedial measures.

Fenghua District Agricultural Technology Service Station Deputy Director Wu Zhiyong said that the typhoon is characterized by heavy wind and heavy rain. In terms of grain production, it will have a great impact on the soon-to-be-matured “Yongyou 15”. In case of situation, it is recommended that all major grain farmers contact the insurance claims department immediately. Our Agricultural Technology Center will also actively cooperate with farmers in this area.”

Large area of ​​single-season rice lodging in Fenghua, Zhejiang, more than 5,000 acres of crops affected(1)

Single-season rice that is about to mature. Photo by Yan Zining

According to preliminary statistics from the Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Fenghua District, as of 14:00 on the 13th, nearly 1,000 acres of aquaculture and fishing ponds in the area were affected, resulting in flooding of fresh water; 5218 acres of rice, vegetables and watermelons, etc. The crops were affected, and the direct economic losses of crops exceeded 4.58 million yuan. The losses of other infrastructure such as roads for farmland machinery are still under further statistics. (End)