Man climbs stairs with bare hands on fire to rescue girl

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The 55-year-old man climbed the stairs with his bare hands on the fire scene to rescue the girl. He is the slow spiderman in the eyes of his granddaughter

Man climbs stairs with bare hands on fire to rescue girl

Pictures of the fire scene The pictures in this article are provided by the interviewees

The video of 55-year-old Zeng Lingping climbing stairs to rescue the trapped girl after a fire broke out in a building in Fengxian, Shanghai. opened.

“There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only ordinary people who come forward.” Netizens sighed with emotion; Zeng Lingping’s granddaughter said that his grandfather was like a “Spiderman.”

On September 12, Zeng Lingping was interviewed by The Paper. He once again recalled the thrilling scene. Some feared he said that he did not expect to make such a move.

“Persevere, must persevere”

“Grandpa, grandpa…” At about 3 pm on September 5, a little girl’s shout came from a residential building in Fengxian, Shanghai . The sound is sometimes absent, and then becomes more and more anxious.

At this time, Zeng Lingping, who lives in the next building, is watching TV, and his wife is cleaning the kitchen. The structure of the house was exactly 90 degrees, and the wife looked at it and found that thick smoke was emitting from the next door. “Lingping, there is a fire there!” Zeng Lingping rushed to take a look and was taken aback, “Why is there such a big fire?” He immediately got dressed and ran downstairs.

At that time, many people were already onlookers downstairs. Zeng Lingping looked up and found that a little girl was standing on the fourth floor window sill with her nose and mouth covered, with heavy smoke coming out of her back. Before he could think about it, he rushed into the corridor. But from the first to the third floor, thick smoke blocked the passage, and it was impossible to continue upward.

Zeng Lingping ran back downstairs, “Climb from outside.” This was the way he thought of it.

Looking back on the scene of 100,000 fires at that time, Zeng Lingping couldn’t help but choked up: “Just thinking about saving people, saving people eagerly, life is at stake.”

Immediately, he turned over from the platform on the first floor. Out, step on the security window and the sewer pipe to climb up step by step. Without any auxiliary equipment, the side of the anti-theft window is very narrow, but 2-3 cm.

Climbing to the 4th floor, the girl saw Zeng Lingping and hurriedly called: “Uncle, come and save me!” Zeng Lingping responded: “Don’t worry, uncle is here to help you!” He held it with one hand. On the windowsill, one hand stretched out to the little girl. The girl rushed over and smashed her head. Zeng Lingping felt dizzy. “Persevere, must persevere.” He said to himself inwardly.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s all minor injuries”

After successfully receiving the little girl, the difficulty again lies in front of Zeng Lingping: How to send the little girl safely?

Climbing up to more than three floors with bare hands used Zeng Lingping’s strength. Now, coupled with the weight of the little girl, and at the same time freeing her hands to hug the little girl, it is no longer possible to “return the same way”.

After a while, Zeng Lingping decided to hold the little girl from the window and enter the third floor. In the meantime, he stepped and slipped, which was very thrilling.

Finally entered the room on the third floor. Opening the door from the living room, heavy smoke was blowing, and they couldn’t escape. They had to return to the bedroom inside and wait for rescue. “The little girl has been crying for her grandfather, I can only try to comfort her,” Zeng Lingping said.

After ten minutes, fire rescue personnel arrived and the fire was under control. The dense smoke dissipated, and a lot of water filled the corridor after the disaster. Zeng Lingping walked out of the stairwell with the trouser legs and the little girl on his back.

As soon as he walked out, people onlookers rushed up, applauded for him, and called him “hero”. There are still many people taking pictures and videos of him. He is a little embarrassed, and feels that “this is nothing.”

At this time, the little girl who had been holding Zeng Lingping’s neck tightly, saw the grandfather outside the scene, released her arms and cried loudly.

“Your hand bleeds.” After putting down the little girl, someone noticed that Zeng Lingping was injured. He looked down and saw that his hand had been cut a few times, and his fingers had been burned with several bags, and his body was blue and purple. “Maybe it was made when climbing stairs. It doesn’t matter. It’s all minor injuries. Now they are almost healed.” He said

“Grandpa, do you know Spider-Man?”

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Zeng Lingping told reporters that in 1990, he came to Shanghai at the age of 24 Part-time job, this year is the 31st year in Shanghai, currently working in a hardware factory.

In life, Zeng Lingping is a “smiling” person. What he thinks most is how to make more money. He told reporters that the factory did not survive the day he saved the person. After saving the person, he went to other family to repair it. Machines, “good subsidies for household use”.

In daily life, Zeng Lingping has done a lot of things like picking up money and helping neighbors and neighborhoods, but in his opinion, these are all normal things, including this “climbing stairs to save people.” “.

“Climbing the stairs to save people” is the video of the scene spread after the incident. Zeng Lingping saw the video, “Mom, I was shocked, so I didn’t dare to watch it.” He would never have thought that a person who usually stands on the fourth floor and dare not look down would make such a move. .

For a few days, Zeng Lingping would dream of climbing at night. “Go up, down. Nowhere to catch, no place to step on.”

On the Internet, many people call him an “ordinary hero”. In reality, neighbors will mention it when they see him. , He smiled and said: “Save the people.” He maintained his usual humility, still “working every day and living a normal life.”

However, in the eyes of Zeng Lingping’s 10-year-old granddaughter, he has one more title.

Once, after watching the video of climbing stairs to save people, his granddaughter asked him: “Grandpa, do you know Spiderman?”

Zeng Lingping: “I know.”

Granddaughter: “You are Spiderman.”

Zeng Lingping: “But grandpa is old and can’t run.”

Granddaughter: “Then you are’Slow Spiderman.” ‘.”

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