Many ministries have spoken several times in 10 days, and the entertainment industry has ushered in seven major changes!

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China News Service Client, Beijing, September 14th (Reporter Ren Siyu) Recently, the entertainment industry has experienced many shocks. Following the special action of “Clearness·’Rice Circle’ Chaos Remediation”, relevant departments have also targeted the industry’s chaos. There is a new action.

Since September 2nd, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television have voiced several times to put forward more specific new requirements for the performing arts industry and practitioners. What phenomena are mentioned in these voices? What changes will the entertainment industry usher in?

Many ministries have spoken several times in 10 days, and the entertainment industry has ushered in seven major changes!

Change 1: Inferior artists Punishment Escalation

The Central Propaganda Department recently issued the “Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management Work in the Cultural and Entertainment Field”, which put forward specific requirements in terms of standardizing market order, compacting platform responsibilities, and strict content supervision. Among them, it is mentioned that the punishment of illegal and unscrupulous artists should be increased, and the inferior artists are prohibited from moving and returning.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a symposium for radio, television and online audio-visual literary and art workers, emphasizing that literary and art workers should be ethical and ethical, and cultivate a patriotic feeling of love for the party; The noble character establishes a good social image; keeps the original aspiration, casts ingenuity, and unswervingly pursues artistic ideals.

Change 2: Such programs cannot be broadcasted

On September 2, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a notice on further strengthening the management of cultural programs and their personnel, clarifying that the political position is incorrect, Those who violate laws and regulations and public order and morals are determined not to use it, and idol development programs, variety entertainment and reality shows attended by celebrity children are not allowed to be broadcast.

For audition programs, it is necessary to strictly control the setting of voting links, and no links and channels such as off-site voting, ranking, and assistance should be set up. It is strictly forbidden to guide and encourage fans to use material means such as shopping and membership to spend money to vote in disguise, and resolutely resist the unhealthy “fan circle” culture.

Change three: Remuneration contracts must be compliant

Relevant departments have repeatedly mentioned the issues of “extraordinary remuneration” and “yin and yang contracts” in the performing arts industry in their notices. The “Notice” issued by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China requires that bad capital gains should be curbed, the sky-high remuneration should be resisted, the proportion of costs should be rationally allocated, tax evasion should be strictly investigated, and market order can be effectively maintained.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also emphasizes that it resolutely resists high-priced film pay, strictly implements the film pay regulations for actors and guests, and strictly implements the pay management notification and commitment system. Advocate and encourage actors and guests to assume social responsibilities and participate in public welfare programs.

Many ministries have spoken several times in 10 days, and the entertainment industry has ushered in seven major changes!(1)

Change 4: Resist the only The value of traffic-only beauty

Resolutely opposing the theory of traffic-only and pan-entertainment is also one of the focuses of this round of rectification. The “Notice” issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television requires that the correct aesthetic orientation of the program should be established, and the selection of actors and guests, performance styles, costume makeup, etc. must be strictly controlled, and abnormal aesthetics such as “baby guns” should be resolutely eliminated. Resolutely resist the pan-entertainment tendencies such as hype to show off wealth and enjoyment, gossip privacy, negative hot spots, vulgar “net celebrities”, and bottomless review of ugliness.

On the 9th, the Network Audio-visual Program Management Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television held a symposium to re-emphasize that network audio-visual program service organizations must insist on putting social benefits first, and resolutely resist ridicule scandals, hot spots, and confrontation. Wrong approach to resist the malformed culture of “only flow” and “only face value”.

Change 5: The rice ring is thrown out completely.

At the same time, the “rice ring” chaos rectification operation is still in progress. At the beginning of September, Weibo launched the “Guidelines for Community Behavior of Star Brokerage Companies and Official Fan Groups (Trial)” to oppose any bottom-line star chasing, consumer comparison, and mutual tearing of rice circles and other value-oriented bad phenomena, and call on celebrities and their brokerage companies to respond to fan groups Take up the responsibility of positive guidance.

Not long ago, in order to celebrate the birthday of the idol’s idol’s birthday, the Chinese fan club of South Korean boy group Park Jimin posted a picture of the “exclusive airplane” for fundraising on Weibo. Subsequently, the fan club account was banned for 60 Today, multiple fan accounts were also banned for spreading irrational star-chasing support content.

Many ministries have spoken several times in 10 days, and the entertainment industry has ushered in seven major changes!(2)

Change six: rumors and revelations Will be banned

In addition to irrational support, some rumors and reports have also been curbed. On the 10th, the Weibo platform claimed that some accounts deliberately misinterpreted the travel videos of artists, pieced together screenshots to spread rumors, forcibly linked recent popular social issues, and banned more than 600 We-media accounts.

The China Performance Industry Association recently joined 14 platforms to jointly express that it will strengthen the management of related accounts, comments, and barrage in the entertainment field, and release undocumented celebrity gossip, create antagonistic emotions, and announce individual entertainers. Accounts with content such as privacy, incitement to raise funds, abuse of reporting channels, etc. shall be restricted, banned, and cleared.

Change 7: Industry self-discipline convention goes online

The symposium held by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television also mentioned that industry associations should further strengthen industry self-discipline and employee training, and educate and guide the entire industry to abide by the law and ethics Shangyi, jointly build a good network ecology.

On the 11th, the China Performance Industry Association and multiple platforms jointly launched the “Convention on the Self-discipline of the Construction of Qinglang Network Culture Ecosystem”. If morality is out of norm, the platform should actively report to the industry ethics self-regulatory organization for entertainers, and actively promote online and offline joint self-regulation.

It does not happen overnight to control the ills and ailments of the entertainment industry. Only when the whole industry forms a joint force can we create a clean atmosphere for the entertainment industry. (End)