“Me and my parents” released the final notice to witness parents’ youth on national day

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Beijing, September 27 (Xinhua) the film “me and my parents”, jointly produced by China News Network and directed by Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng and Shen Teng, released the ultimate preview of the emotional version today. The film focuses on the relationship between individuals and families in the four times, and leads to the images of parents in different historical coordinates from the four “small families”</ p>

“Me and my parents” released the final notice to witness parents’ youth on national day < / P > < p > poster of me and my parents < / P > < p > emotional version of me and my parents. The final preview is in chronological order, labeling the four parents with the label of the times. In 1942, Ma Renxing (Wu Jing), head of Jizhong cavalry regiment, drew a knife on his horse and set out for war, representing the “hero” father in the war years</ p> < p > in 1969, the gunpowder Carver (Zhang Ziyi) dancing on the tip of the knife behind the smooth launch of “Long March 1” was a well deserved “devotee” of the times</ In p>

1978, Zhao Pingyang, Xu Zhengshi, the first TV advertisement in Chinese mainland, was photographed by the wave of reform and opening up. p> < p > in 2021, the “robot dad” (Shen Teng) who encourages children to never give up pursuing science is a “dream chaser” from the future</ p>

“Me and my parents” released the final notice to witness parents’ youth on national day(1) < / P > < p > the four directors combine their personal style and emotion to perform the four parental images in the most familiar appearance and way of the audience. Wu Jing took another war theme to reproduce his bloody square steel military aura; Director Zhang Ziyi highlights her iconic tenacity through her delicate strokes and emotions; Director Xu Zheng appeared again as a middle-aged little man, continuing his best humor in Shanghai listing; Shen Teng continues his serious and funny humor of “happy Mahua”, showing his father son relationship with the tone of comedy. Under the theme of “inheritance”, the four directors continued their personal style and presented the relationship between individuals and families in four times</ p> < p > on September 26, the first round of screening activities were held in Beijing for the films “I and my parents”, “Chengfeng” and “I and my parents”, “duck prophet”. The majestic scene of horses charging in the wind and the tense and exciting battle between the two armies shocked the audience. The love between father and son in the film made many viewers cry. More military fans praised the film for its meticulous and exquisite, hearty and wonderful scenes</ p>

“Me and my parents” released the final notice to witness parents’ youth on national day(2) < / P > < p > facing the audience’s question, “how is the scene of blocking aircraft with machine guns created in the film?” Wu Jing replied: “After reviewing history, I found that the New Fourth Army of the Eighth Route Army used this blocking shooting tactic to kill 14 Japanese fighters, which is a great thing.” SASU, a writer of Anti Japanese War history, praised the details in the film “There are historical materials about the battle of machine guns beating down enemy aircraft, and Jizhong cavalry regiment did fight with devils for broadsword and saber. The film is very shocking for the restoration of the battle scene, combining art and reality to the extreme.” Yu ailei and Bai narisu also said that the difficulties in shooting made them feel that it was not easy for their ancestors to resist aggression and defend their country. < / P > < p > < img SRC = ‘ http://i2.chinanews.com.cn/simg/cmshd/2021/09/27/24afde37e82c4e299688a19eadedb871.jpg ‘/ > < / P > < p > Xu Zheng with the duck prophet of me and my parents The group came to Communication University of China to share with the media students the story of the first TV advertisement in Chinese mainland. The audience asked, “what’s the difficulty in the shooting process?” Xu Zheng answered. “The biggest difficulty is that in addition to the hot weather, it takes a lot of effort to restore the street view of Shanghai in 1978. Old Shanghainese will feel friendly when they see the 1:1 restored billboards on Nanjing West Road and the first generation taxis in Shanghai.” Xu Zheng said when talking about the film “the biggest egg” Zhang Yimou “I was very nervous when I was really filming. I had done a long time of psychological construction. Director Zhang Yimou was too low-key. I wanted him to behave like Versailles.” < / P > < p > < I and my motherland and my hometown finally won box office of 3.17 billion and 2.83 billion respectively in 2019 and 2020, becoming the biggest winner of the National Day file in the same year. “Me and my parents” As the third work of the series, it continues the brand IP, focuses on the “parents generation” in theme expression, triggers the family and country memory of several generations of Chinese people behind “parents and children” and “small family and big country”, and reflects the family and country feelings and the spirit of the times. < / P > < p > film me and my parents It is produced by China Film Co., Ltd. and will be released nationwide on September 30. It will be launched on September 27, 28 and 29. At present, the film is on pre-sale. (end)