No woman seen in the list of officials forming the interim government of the Taliban

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The Afghan Taliban formed an interim government and announced the list of officials

No women were seen in the list of officials forming the interim government of the Taliban

No woman seen in the list of officials forming the interim government of the Taliban

On September 7, Afghan Taliban spokesperson Mujahid attended a press conference in Kabul. Mujahid said at the press conference that the Taliban had decided to form an interim government and announced the main members of the interim government. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Safrahman Safi)

On September 7, local time, the Taliban announced the list of interim government officials. To some people’s disappointment, the expected women and other non-Taliban members did not appear on the official list.

The supreme leader of the Taliban, Ahunzada, will lead the country as an “Emir”, with Mohamed Hassan as the acting prime minister and Baradar as the acting deputy prime minister.

Zhu Yongbiao, director of the Afghanistan Research Center of Lanzhou University, said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News that the official list of the Taliban Provisional Government is the result of mutual compromise between different factions. tolerance.

The list of officials is the result of mutual compromise within the Taliban

According to CCTV news, Mujahid told reporters on the 7th that the Taliban’s supreme leader, Ahunzada, will be the “Emir”. Status leads the country.

At the press conference, the Afghan Taliban also announced the formation of an interim government and announced to the outside world a list of officials of the interim government of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

According to the British Reuters report, the Taliban’s supreme leader Ahunzada issued a written statement stating that the Taliban is committed to abide by all international laws, treaties and promises that do not conflict with Sharia law.

Ahunzada said in the statement, “In the future, all management and living affairs in Afghanistan will be regulated by Sharia law.” In the statement, he also congratulated the Afghans for their liberation from foreign rule.

The BBC reported that Ahunzada has never officially appeared in public. This statement is the first time he has spoken to the outside world since the Taliban returned to Kabul on August 15.

Zhu Yongbiao said, “Emir” is a respectful name used by Islamic countries, which is equivalent to the meaning of ruler and leader. Ahunzada is the supreme leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan and has the final decision on the political, religious and military affairs of the Taliban. After the Taliban form a government, it is expected that the government will handle specific matters, and Ahunzada will hold the highest authority.

“Ahunzada’s whereabouts are low-key and mysterious, and there are even rumors of his death. Some time ago, two blurry photos of him came out, making it difficult to distinguish the specific shooting time and location.” Zhu Yongbiao introduced.

Baradal did not serve as the head of the interim government, but as the acting deputy prime minister, which was unexpected to some people. Earlier, some outsiders predicted that Baradar will serve as the head of the Taliban’s interim government.

Zhu Yongbiao believes that the list of temporary government officials of the Taliban basically meets expectations. There are competition and differences within the Taliban. This list is the result of internal coordination and mutual compromise. “In fact, there have been speculations from the outside world that Baradar will not be the head of the government. The appointment of Mohamed Hassan as acting prime minister is probably the result of a compromise between different factions within the Taliban.” Zhu Yongbiao said.

The Acting Secretary of the Interior is wanted by the US FBI

According to CCTV News, Acting Prime Minister Mohamed Hassan is a close comrade-in-arms of the late Taliban leader Omar. In 2001, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Governor of Kandahar Province in the Taliban regime.

Reuters reported that Muhammad Hassan’s reputation largely came from his close relationship with the late Taliban leader Omar. Mohamed Hassan has long served as the head of the Taliban’s decision-making body “Rehbari Shura”.

Muhammad Hassan was sanctioned by the United Nations for his role in the Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001. A UN sanctions report stated that he was once Omar’s “close aide and political adviser” and one of the most powerful commanders of the Taliban.

Asfandiar Mir, an analyst at the American Institute of Peace, said that Muhammad Hassan does not seem to be a religious scholar, “he seems more like a political figure”, “the main power he holds The reason is that he previously held a very high position.”

The analysis of the BBC believes that Muhammad Hassan has religious influence within the Taliban, and his appointment is seen as a compromise. Earlier there were reports that some moderates and hardliners within the Taliban had disagreements.

Zhu Yongbiao said that within the Taliban, Muhammad Hassan does not seem to belong to any faction, and is more like a cronies of the supreme leader Ahound Zada. It is acceptable for different factions to have him as the acting prime minister.

In addition, the news that Silazuddin Haqqani is acting as the Minister of the Interior has caused controversy. According to BBC reports, Shirazuddin Haqqani is the leader of the militant organization “Hakani Network” and is wanted by the US FBI.

The “Haqqani Network” is a terrorist organization recognized by the United States and maintains close ties with the “Al Qaeda” organization. The “Haqqani Network” is responsible for many past attacks in Afghanistan, including the 2017 Kabul car bomb that killed more than 150 people.

Zhu Yongbiao said that Afghanistan’s interior minister is a very important position. The Taliban chose Sirazuddin Haqqani as interior minister, expressing that the Taliban does not value the pressure of the international community that much. The Taliban may currently Prioritize internal stability and establish political power. “Haqqani has the barrel of a gun and is powerful, so the Taliban will inevitably give him an important position. The pressure of the international community has an impact on the Taliban, but it is not decisive.”

In addition, act as an agent. Muhammad Jacob, the Minister of Defense, is the son of Omar, the founder of the Taliban and the late supreme leader. He made his debut in 2015, and when his father died, he released an audio call for unity within the Taliban organization.

The list does not reflect the inclusiveness of women and ethnic minorities

Media such as the Associated Press, BBC, and the British “Guardian” believe that all interim government officials announced by the Taliban are men. They are all high-ranking figures of the Taliban, which runs counter to the Taliban’s previous commitment to form an inclusive government.

The BBC analysis article stated that this official list expresses the Taliban’s view that the victory of the Taliban means the rule of the Taliban. The provisional government formed by the Taliban is reluctant to include former politicians and officials. As for women, they have no chance to hold ministerial posts.

When asked why no women got the job, a senior Taliban member told the BBC that the list of government cabinet members has not yet been finalized.

Zhu Yongbiao believes that the official list of the Taliban Provisional Government does not reflect the tolerance for women and ethnic minorities. “Although some officials in the interim government are ethnic minorities, they have long been the elders of the Taliban, which does not reflect tolerance.” Zhu Yongbiao said, will the next larger range of government official appointments include women and ethnic minorities , It remains to be seen.

In addition, Zhu Yongbiao believes that the understanding or interpretation of inclusiveness between the Taliban and the outside world may be different. “The outside world may think that the government cabinet needs to be inclusive; the Taliban may think that allowing former politicians to join the management committee or consultative committee can also reflect inclusiveness.”

Previous news said that the former president of Afghanistan Mid Karzai, former Chairman of the High Commission for National Reconciliation Abdullah, leader of the Afghan Islamic Party and former Prime Minister Gulbddin Hikmatyar will join a newly formed 12-member committee of the Taliban .

Zhu Yongbiao believes that the international community will continue to pay attention to the formation of a government by the Taliban. Whether the Taliban abides by the promise of an inclusive government and their attitude towards women will affect whether the international community recognizes the Taliban and whether it continues to provide economic assistance to Afghanistan. “The pressure of the international community and the pressure of domestic public protests may make the Taliban pay more attention to inclusiveness in the subsequent process of forming a government.” He said.

According to CCTV news, on September 7, local time, White House Spokesperson Psaki was asked when he was talking to reporters when the Biden administration recognized the Taliban. Psaki said that the United States is “in no rush” to recognize the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan. She also emphasized that the recognition will depend on the “actions” taken by the Taliban.

On September 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated that we respect the sovereign independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, do not interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, and support the Afghan people to independently choose a development path that suits their national conditions. We hope that Afghanistan can build A broad and inclusive political structure, pursuing a moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policy, resolutely cracking down on all kinds of terrorist forces, and getting along with all countries, especially neighboring countries.

The Beijing News trainee reporter Chen Yikai