Opening of the 7th Minority Traditional Sports Games in Qinghai Province

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China News Service, Qinghai Ledu, September 13 (Zhang Tianfu) The 7th Qinghai Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Games opened on the evening of the 12th at the Haidong Sports Center in Qinghai Province. The event is held every four years. This is the largest ethnic minority traditional sports event with the largest number of participants in the history of Qinghai Province.

Wang Jianjun, secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of the games. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Nobunaga Sing delivered a speech.

Opening of the 7th Minority Traditional Sports Games in Qinghai Province

The picture shows Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Nobunaga Sing giving a speech. Photo by Hu Youjun

“The great beauty of Qinghai is not only in the magnificent mountains and rivers, high sky and flowing clouds, and authentic ecology, but also in national unity, beauty and harmony, and social harmony.” Xin Changxing said.

Nobunaga Star said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, we have closely focused on the main thread of forging the consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community, and promoted all ethnic groups to hug each other like pomegranate seeds. Deep, unite and struggle together, prosperity and development, the flower of national unity and progress blooms splendidly on the Qinghai Plateau.

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The picture shows the scene of the opening ceremony. Photo by Zhang Tianfu

“We gathered in the Hehuang Valley to compete in the same field and participate in the grand event. This is a vivid practice of the superiority of the party’s ethnic theory and ethnic policy, and a vivid manifestation of the colorful charm of Chinese culture. , Is also a vivid portrayal of the great unity of the Chinese nation.” Nobunaga-Sing said.

According to a reporter from Chinanews.com, this year’s ethnic minority traditional sports games will have two categories: competition events and performance events. Among them, the competition events include 12 major events, including national martial arts, escort, tug-of-war, sandbag lifting, national archery, national wrestling, national equestrianism, and Tibetan chess. The performance events are divided into competitive, technical and comprehensive categories. 19 delegations participated in the Games.

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p >The picture shows the scene of the opening ceremony. Photographed by Zhang Tianfu

Haidong Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Linhu said that we regard running the Democratic Games as a vivid practice to promote the unity and progress of the whole city, as a wonderful stage to show the charm of various ethnic groups, and as a powerful carrier to inherit and carry forward the Hehuang culture. As a rare opportunity to showcase the major achievements made in urban construction since Haidong’s withdrawal and establishment of a city, we will strive to offer a sports event for people of all ethnic groups in the province to “Celebrate the Centennial Birthday, Promote National Unity, and Exhibit Hehuang Style”. (End)