Month: September 2021

The new regulations were announced in October! It’s about your privacy, housing and travel

China Singapore Jingwei, October 1 (Xiong Jiali) into October, a number of new regulations were officially implemented! Five departments issue documents to standardize automobile data collection; “Tax reduction” for housing rental enterprises; Guangdong requires developers to publicize the sales price of commercial housing; Anhui Huainan, Henan Kaifeng and other places strictly investigate unlicensed electric vehicles… Which one has the greatest impact on you? Let’s have a look.


Beijing International Kite Festival International Kite Invitational Competition held in Beijing

Beijing, September 30 (Xinhua) recently, the 9th Beijing International Kite Festival International Kite Invitational Competition and Beijing Tianjin Hebei kite exchange competition were held in the Beijing Garden Expo. Kite players and fans from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei participated in this activity and felt the charm of the interweaving of traditional culture and modern sports competition in sports events. The wide participation of fans shows the attraction of national sports and national fitness brand events.


Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, plans the rise of the central axis of the Yangtze River Delta by intensively changing “handsome” departments

Beijing, Changzhou, September 30 (reporter Tang Juan) on September 30, Changzhou science and Education City, known as the “core of innovation”, held a cadre meeting to announce the decision of the main leaders of the science and education city to adjust. Chen Jinhu, Secretary of Changzhou municipal Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. On the same day, Liang Yibo assumed the new post of secretary of Changzhou Municipal Commission of politics and law.