Month: September 2021

Women with the most children in the world

According to relevant archives of the Nigursk Monastery, the person who had the most children was a Russian woman who lived in the 18th century, leaving 69 children in total.


Documentary:Why can’t surrogacy be legal in China? Look at the end of India and you will understand

If it is a married surrogacy, you will get 8,000 dollars for a successful delivery, 10,000 dollars for twins, and only 75 dollars if the embryo implantation fails. A miscarriage in three months is 600 dollars, a miscarriage in six months is 1,200 dollars, and a miscarriage in six months is 8,000 dollars. US dollars, if it is an unmarried surrogacy, you can only get 6,000 dollars for a successful childbirth. The clearly marked surrogacy fee is for the employer to find an employee, and the two sides negotiate a good condition after an interview, which is a happy cooperation.