Month: September 2021

In the first 8 months, the price of new houses in China’s 100 cities has increased by 2.26%. Xuzhou, Xi’an and Foshan are among the top three

China News Service, Beijing, September 1 (Reporter Pang Wuji) Research data released by the Zhongzhi Research Institute on the 1st showed that in the first eight months of this year, the price of new houses in China’s 100 cities increased by 2.26%. Among them, new houses in Xuzhou, Xi’an, Foshan and other cities The cumulative increase is among the top.


Micro video丨hero goes home

   Over the past 70 years, we have never forgotten the martyrs who died heroically in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. More than 197,000 heroic sons and daughters gave their precious lives for the motherland, for the people, and for peace. The achievements of the martyrs shine through the ages, and the fame of the martyrs will last forever!


Putin: The United States has tried to implement its own standards in Afghanistan for 20 years, but the result is zero

   China News Service, September 1 According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 1st, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Afghanistan when he met with students from the “Ocean” All-Russian Children’s Center. Putin said that in the 20 years of the US military’s mission in Afghanistan, Washington has been trying to promote its own social structure there, and the result has been zero.