“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”

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China News Service, Beijing, September 13 “Too burning! This is not just a movie, but also a reality we have experienced!” On September 12, the annual disaster giant “Peak Burst” premiered in Beijing. Director Li Jun and actors Zhu Yilong, Huang Zhizhong, Chen Shu, Jiao Junyan, Cheng Taishen, Wang Ge, Lu Siyu, Qiao Xin and Li Guangjie appeared together to communicate with the audience face to face.

“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”

The premiere ceremony begins with ” With the theme of “Ordinary Heroes by Your Side”, a number of rescue heroes, infrastructure heroes, and old railway soldiers who fought to the front line attended the scene to share the real disaster relief experience with the audience, and said that the film “really restored the spirit of infrastructure people who dared to conquer the sky.”

Hu Dongpo from the Taiyuan Team of China Railway 17th Bureau of National Tunnel Emergency Rescue, participated in more than 10 rescue operations such as tunnel collapse, coal mine permeation, forest fire, flood fighting and rescue, and flood fighting in Henan in July this year. , He said: “The film connects the occurrence of disasters with emergency rescue, and is almost immersive.”

On the scene, he recounted the experience of a tunnel collapse in 2019: “Fighting for ten consecutive times. After a few hours, let the personnel evacuated quickly and saw the rescue scenes, just like what I experienced. I think this movie fully demonstrates the spirit of the infrastructure people to face difficulties and are not afraid of sacrifice, and let everyone feel what It is a Chinese rescue.”

“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”(1)

Huang Xisheng from the China Railway 11th Bureau Jian’an Company who was watching the movie at the same scene took the initiative to ask for help in the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Fangcai Hospital during the epidemic. When the disaster happened, he also rushed to the forefront: “At that time, I was staying at the Wuhan construction site and received news that the construction of the Vulcan Mountain Hospital urgently needed a large number of welders and steel structure workers. I volunteered to petition and took the lead in signing the petition. The epidemic is so fierce, there will be fears and fears, but as long as the hospital is built as soon as possible and more people can be saved, it will be worth it. I am not so afraid.”

Heard here, as a Wuhan native Zhu Yilong was deeply moved: “At the time, I was always paying attention to the situation of the Wuhan epidemic. Today I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and to express my respect to all retrogrades and medical workers who have made contributions during the epidemic, thank you! ”

“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”(2)

The most touching night One scene appears in the old railway soldier Chen Yuansheng and his son Chen Cheng, who are very similar to the old Hong and Xiao Hong in the film. Lao Chen missed the birth of his son because he robbed the deadline. After the conversion from soldiers to work, Lao Chen devoted himself to national infrastructure construction. He went home to visit relatives only once every two years. The father and son lacked communication all the year round and left a knot in their hearts. It was not until the son also entered the infrastructure industry that he began to understand the difficulty of his father.

Lao Chen said: “People usually use shock to describe this movie, but my perspective is different. I can better appreciate the inheritance from the old railway soldiers to the employees of the railway construction in the film.” , Lao Chen and Xiao Chen also made the gesture of father and son hug in the film, expressing their love for each other.

Actor Zhu Yilong said that through the role of Hong Yizhou, he has a deeper understanding of the group of railway soldiers and infrastructure workers. “They may stay for a project for several years. Many people choose not to go home during the Chinese New Year and stay on the project. It is precisely because of the choice of Tiejian people that it will make it more convenient and more convenient for more ordinary people during the holidays. Reunited with my family quickly, I really appreciate them.”

“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”(3)

Jiao Junyan believes that Xiao Jin’s role represents the most ordinary people in rescue operations. “She also had fear and fear when she came up. She was gradually affected by the disaster and rescued the trapped children in extremely dangerous situations. This is what moved me the most.”


p >“Peak Burst” premiered, infrastructure people praised the film to show “Chinese-style rescue”(4)

The film “Peak Burst” is directed by Jun Li, Zhao Xiaoshi serves as producer and director of photography, Sha Song and Li Jun serve as screenwriters, and Zhang Ji serves as script consultant. It will be released on September 17. (End)