Physicists discovered that black holes exert pressure on the environment, both temperature and pressure

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Physicists discovered that black holes exert pressure on the environment, both temperature and pressure

This accidental discovery was made by Professor Xavier Calmet and Folkert Kuipers of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sussex, and it was made on September 9, 2021. Published in “Physics Review D”.

Calmet and Kuipers were puzzled by an extra number that appeared in their running equation for the quantum gravity correction of black hole entropy.

During the discussion of this strange result at Christmas in 2020, they suddenly realized that what they were seeing was a stressful behavior. After further calculations, they confirmed their exciting discovery that quantum gravity can bring pressure from black holes.

Said Xavier Kalmay, a professor of physics at the University of Sussex. “We found that the Schwarzschild black hole has pressure and temperature. Considering that this is a complete surprise, this is even more exciting. I am very happy that our quantum gravity research at the University of Sussex has further promoted science. The world’s broad understanding of the nature of black holes.

“Hawking’s landmark intuition is that black holes are not black, but have a radiation spectrum that is very similar to black bodies. This makes black holes a useful tool for studying quantum mechanics, gravity, and The ideal laboratory for the interaction between thermodynamics. If you only consider black holes in the context of general relativity, one can prove that they have a singularity at their center, where the laws of physics as we know them must collapse. It is hoped that when quantum field theory is incorporated into general relativity, we may be able to find a new description of black holes.

“Our work is a step in this direction. Although the pressure exerted by the black hole we are studying is very small, its existence opens up many new possibilities. Spanning the research of astrophysics, particle physics and quantum physics. When we realize that the mysterious result in our equation is telling us that the black hole we are studying has a pressure, it is exciting. Our result is us The results of the cutting-edge research in quantum physics conducted at the University of Sussex have brought new enlightenment to the quantum nature of black holes.”