“Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” Released

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China News Service, September 10th. The theater version of the movie “Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” held its premiere in Beijing yesterday. As a world-renowned animation IP, “Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” has attracted attention since its announcement.

“Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” Released

In the theater version of the movie, Coco, a human who was raised by Pokémon Thalad, accidentally met Xiaozhi and Pikachu, and embarked on the road to find his true self. In getting along day after day, their friendship quickly warmed up and became inseparable good friends. At the same time, the fountain of healing that gave birth to the Thalande clan seems to be in crisis…A severe threat lies in front of him. Coco, who has the “dual identity” of humanity and Pokémon, is determined to unite humanity and Pokémon to protect it together. This homeland

During the screening, the audience was sometimes amused by the interesting adventure plot, and sometimes moved by the father-son love of Coco and Sa Lund. The audiences who walked out of the theater expressed their love for the film, “Coco is too brave” and “Sa Lund is really a good father.” In addition, on the day of the premiere event, three Pikachus appeared together and participated in fun games with the audience.

“Pokémon: The Adventures of Pikachu and Coco” is the 23rd theatrical version of the Pokémon series. The story of human beings fighting blood to protect their homeland. The film was officially released nationwide today.