Putin: Don’t politicize the traceability of the new crown virus

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China News Service, Vladivostok, September 3 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the 6th Eastern Economic Forum Plenary Session in Vladivostok on the 3rd not to put the new crown on The source of the virus is politicized, and we should fight the epidemic together.

Putin: Don’t politicize the traceability of the new crown virus


p > Putin said that it is right to find the origin of the new coronavirus, but it is wrong to politicize it. When politicization begins, the credibility of conclusions based on politicization immediately decreases, because it makes us feel far away from the truth.

Putin said that under the current circumstances, politicization should be abandoned and jointly fight the new crown epidemic and its impact. This is extremely important to all mankind. Those who politicized the origin of the new crown epidemic made huge and catastrophic mistakes in the fight against the epidemic.

Putin mentioned that the current vaccination opportunities are mainly left to highly developed economies. Most of the vaccines are produced there and used to protect one’s own people, but rarely used to protect all humans.

In addition to the epidemic, Putin also focused on the development of the Far East at the plenary meeting that day. He said that in the past six years, the cumulative foreign direct investment in the Far East has almost doubled to 80 billion U.S. dollars, and the industrial growth rate has exceeded the Russian level.

Putin said that the Far East needs to advance at a speed higher than the national average, and competitive conditions should be created here. Russia will set up a set of preferential and incentive measures in the Kuril Islands to completely exempt enterprises from major taxes such as profit tax, land tax, and transportation tax for 10 years.

Putin mentioned that the Asia-Pacific region accounts for one-third of the global GDP and has been the locomotive of the global economy for many years. Russia is open to developing mutually beneficial cooperation with Asia-Pacific countries. Russia is also an indispensable part of the Asia-Pacific region. We will build a strong capital attraction center in the Far East.

The Eastern Economic Forum was held under the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is intended to attract capital and technology from Asian countries to develop the Russian Far East, thereby driving Russian economic development. In September 2015, the forum was held for the first time. Since then, the forum will be held once a year, and the 2020 Eastern Economic Forum will be suspended due to the impact of the new crown epidemic. (End)