Researchers develop huge real universe simulation software Uchuu

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Researchers develop huge real universe simulation software Uchuu

The researchers behind the project said that their creation is the most realistic and largest universe simulation ever released. The width of 9.63 billion light-years is approximately 75% of the distance between the Earth and the farthest galaxy we can observe. The team created Uchuu to study the scale of the universe, which was impossible before.

Uchuu focuses on the large-scale structure of the universe, which is characterized by the halo of dark matter, which is not well understood today. Anyone who explores the software will not find a single star and planet in its large-scale range, so friends who are interested in exploring the alien world can not try it.

Uchuu was designed to simulate the illusion of the entire 13.8 billion year-old universe, from the beginning of the Big Bang to the present. Researcher Julia F. Ereza used the software to study the structure of the universe and pointed out that the time domain basically created a time machine. The user can move forward and backward in time, zoom in on a galaxy, or view the entire galaxy cluster from a larger scale.

The creation of Uchuu requires a supercomputer called ATRUI II and all of its 40,200 CPU cores. When creating the simulation, 48 hours a month completely consumed all the energy of these cores, totaling 20 million supercomputer hours. The researchers generated 3PB of data when creating the software. However, compression technology allows the simulation to be compressed to 100 megabytes.