Shanghai launched two “100 billion” major tourism investment projects to invite the world

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Beijing, Shanghai, September 28 (reporter Li Jiajia) the Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference was held at the Shanghai World Expo Museum on the 28th. Shanghai mayor Gong Zheng attended the conference and launched two “100 billion” major tourism investment projects in Shanghai during the 14th five year plan. Chen Tong, vice mayor of Shanghai, also sent an invitation to the world: work together to build a world-famous tourism city with high quality</ p> < p > at today’s Shanghai Tourism Investment Promotion Conference, 30 major tourism projects in Shanghai during the 14th five year plan were launched with a total investment of 113.2 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), and 24 tourism investment projects in Shanghai were released with an estimated investment of 115 billion yuan. It is understood that during the 14th Five Year Plan period, Shanghai will vigorously implement the tourism “doubling plan” and “peak project” to comprehensively deepen the construction of world-famous tourism cities. By 2025, Shanghai’s tourism revenue will reach 700 billion yuan, 6 tourist entrances with tens of millions of traffic, 3 world-class tourist resorts, 20 tourist leisure areas (streets) and 6 AAAAA tourist attractions. Shanghai will vigorously promote a number of major tourism projects such as the “world reception hall” on the Huangpu River, the “urban cultural life and leisure belt” on the Suzhou River, the “five new towns” cultural and tourism empowerment project, and the promotion of Shanghai international tourism resort, Sheshan National Tourism Resort and coastal tourism area, so as to build a tourism development platform with leading major projects, business card major activities and functional major platforms “Peak”, promote “one river, one river”, accelerate the transformation to “life show belt”, and empower “five new cities” Build an independent and comprehensive node city, strive to build a number of world-class tourism brands, and comprehensively deepen the construction of high-quality world-famous tourism cities. < / P > < p > < img SRC = ‘ http://i2.chinanews.com.cn/simg/ypt/2021/210928/41cbed59-0359-4888-a2b9-d9db466d73cb_zsite.jpeg ‘/ > < / P > < p > Photo by Li Jiajia, pedestrian street of Nanjing East Road < / P > < p > latest report of world tourism cities Federation forecast: 2025 Before, world tourism will approach or exceed the peak level in 2019; after 2025, global tourism will enter a stage of rapid growth. By 2030, the regional cooperation mechanism will be strengthened, and the number of international tourists will reach 1.8 billion. The latest report of the world tourism cities Federation also points out that the overall recovery level of world tourism cities’ Tourism in 2020 is equivalent to 36.5% in 2019 9%. < / P > < p > statistics show that in 2020, Shanghai’s total tourism revenue was 313.978 billion yuan, recovering to 56.86% in 2019. In the first half of this year, Shanghai’s domestic tourism revenue was 172.433 billion yuan, recovering to 78% in 2019, continuing to show a rapid recovery trend. Shanghai’s tourism industry shows stronger recovery ability and development toughness than other tourism cities in the world. < / P > < p > at present, Shanghai Zhengda It has made great efforts to promote urban global tourism. It has more than 500 cultural and Expo venues, theatres and A-level scenic spots, with more than 40000 performances and more than 2000 exhibitions each year. Shanghai International Film and Television Festival, Shanghai Tourism Festival and Shanghai International Art Festival have become an annual global cultural event. Buildings can be read, streets can walk and waterfront can be recreational, which are constantly providing opportunities for citizens and tourists In addition, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Jiading District, Songjiang District, Qingpu District, Fengxian District, Chongming District, Lingang New Area and Jinshan District to highlight industrial competitiveness and cultural influence at the same time and focus on empowering Jiading “automobile culture and tourism” Focus on Qingpu’s “Jiangnan Water Town”, Songjiang’s “root of Shanghai”, Fengxian’s “Oriental beauty Valley” and Nanhui’s “future city”, jointly launch the brands of “Shanghai culture” and “Shanghai Tourism”, actively promote the practice and cases of cultural tourism enabled new town, and play a leading and leading role in urban development strategy positioning, spatial pattern, element allocation and shape shaping “Five new towns” People in the industry here believe that the future of Shanghai’s tourism is bright and full of opportunities. Globally, the focus of world tourism is gradually moving eastward, and Shanghai is accelerating the construction of a central city of world tourism. Nationally, China’s economy and society are developing continuously, people’s income is growing continuously, and tourism is becoming a standard of well-off life Matching, just need for a better life and the need for quality life will effectively drive the expansion of mass tourism market and tourism consumption. From the perspective of Shanghai, the development of “five oriented economy” and the construction of “five new towns” are becoming an important engine, which will provide more bearing places and new space for the construction of world-class tourism destinations in Shanghai