“Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” Premiere Jia Zhangke Shares Filming Experience

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China News Service, September 14th. On September 13, director Jia Zhangke’s new work “Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” held its Beijing premiere at the Museum of Modern Chinese Literature. Famous writers Wang Meng, Liang Xiaosheng, Li Er, Xu Zechen, commented Zhang Qinghua, scholar Dai Jinhua, He Xiangyang, head of the China Writers Association, Xu Ke, executive vice-president of Lu Xun School of Literature, Li Shaojun, editor-in-chief of “Poetry Magazine”, poet Wang Jiaxin, young writer Ban Yu, etc. attended to help out.

“Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” Premiere Jia Zhangke Shares Filming Experience

Before the premiere Group photo of the creator and representatives of the producer

In addition, directors Lu Yang and Huo Meng, actors Qi Xi, Zhang Yu, Wang Chuanjun, Huang Yao, host Liang Zhi, Li Jing and others also appeared at the premiere.

“Swim until the sea turns blue” director Jia Zhangke, producer Zhao Tao, the main characters in the film Liang Hong, Duan Huifang, art consultants Lin Xudong, Ouyang Jianghe, Lian Yirui, script writer Wan Jiahuan, recording director Zhang Yang, editing director Kong Jinlei and other main creators and representatives of various producers came to the scene to meet with the audience.

“This is not only a film premiere, but also a gathering of relatives and friends in film and literature.” Jia Zhangke said.

“Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue” uses three writers born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s Jia Pingwa, Yu Hua and Liang Hong as the most important narrators. They and the late writers Together with Ma Feng’s daughter Duan Huifang, they re-watched individuals and families in social changes, showing the “Chinese past events” since 1949.

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Film to four writers The growth process of Jia Pingwa is shown in different ways: the daughter and the villagers reminisce about Mr. Ma Feng, looking back at the time when the road is blue, and caring about the country and the people’s peace; starting from his personal life, Jia Pingwa tells a personal history, which is also a local history; Yu Hua is humorous and open-minded. Looking back on the hot 80s, and looking back on how individuals moved forward in the torrent of the social era; Liang Hong focused on the emotions within the family…Their stories together constitute a literary symphony, which is shown through the moving melody of 18 chapters. Everyone will experience the unavoidable life course and emotional fetters.

“I’m getting older. I usually doze whenever I watch a movie. I didn’t doze on this movie from beginning to end.” After watching the movie, the 87-year-old famous writer Wang Meng said, “This movie is a dare. It’s done. Everywhere else depends on stimulation, stunts, and stars. (This movie) does not rely on this.”

After the screening, Jia Zhangke, Liang Xiaosheng, Dai Jinhua, Liang Hong, and Ouyang Jianghe targeted “To the Sea Turns Blue” has a dialogue and sharing. Liang Xiaosheng said: “The three writers will walk together to tell this history to young people today with absolutely credible narratives that are closely related to their own growth and their own literary maturity. This is the story of this movie. Meaning and value.” Dai Jinhua said that she was deeply touched by the story of Liang Hong in the film. She also believed that watching this film requires understanding of the writers and literature in the film, and there is a certain threshold. This point of view stimulated on-site discussion.

The main character Liang Hong believes that grand historical narration is a concept in front of private emotions. For individuals and families, history is entirely composed of their emotional experiences and individual feelings. “We must go to watch this movie, just like we plunge into life to experience life, plunge into the sea of ​​life to swim, in order to truly discover how the sea water turns blue.” Ouyang Jianghe said.

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In addition, the critic Zhang Qinghua The writers Xu Zechen and Ban Yu also published their post-screening impressions. “I particularly like this title (title)-“Swimming Until the Sea Turns Blue”, and finally meet with history.” Xu Zechen said, “For an individual, each person’s life, in life, including the relationship with his hometown, We are all swimming forward until the sea turns blue. When it turns blue, we can meet the truest self.” Ban Yu said that when he saw the title, he thought of the novel “Winter Swimming” he had written: ” I hope that myself and my peers can flop a few more times and swim until the sea turns blue.”

Speaking of the original intention of shooting, director Jia Zhangke said, “This film is not only about the countryside, but not only about the countryside. Literature, I hope that this video index will remind everyone of the past.” Producer Zhao Tao shared his experience as a producer, “I hope that through more resources, I hope to help Director Jia complete a series featuring writers as the main character. Documentary.” The main characters of the film, Liang Hong and Duan Huifang, were both “electrically shocked” for the first time. Talking about the shooting experience, Duan Huifang said that this shooting allowed him to get to know his father Ma Feng to a certain extent. (End)