Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese businessmen look forward to cross-strait agricultural integration and win-win situation

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China News Service, Quanzhou, September 9th (Reporter Hong Sun) After three days, the 14th Cross-Strait (Quanzhou) Agricultural Products Purchase and Ordering Fair (“Nongbuying”) came to a successful conclusion on the 9th. He Weijun, a Taiwanese businessman who has been cultivating the mainland for 23 years, believes that under the background of the mainland’s “22 measures for agriculture and forestry”, the integrated development of cross-strait agriculture has ushered in new opportunities.

Affected by the epidemic, this session of the Agricultural Booking Conference is mainly for the 6 national-level Taiwan farmers’ entrepreneurial parks in Fujian, high-quality enterprises, and Taiwan-funded enterprises and their associations in the mainland to attract investment and exhibitions, attracting many in mainland China Commercial and Taiwanese farmers actively participated.

In the Taiwan exhibition area, Wei Xiaoying proficiently promoted her “fist product”-Israel Huanglong Guo to the passing people and merchants. With the shape of a dragon fruit, but wearing a yellow coat, the yellow dragon fruit attracted a lot of attention as soon as it was put on the shelf. “This batch of yellow pitaya is an Israeli variety imported from Taiwan. After the improvement of cultivation in the Fuqing Experimental Garden, the yield per mu has been continuously increased and is gradually being introduced to the market.”

Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese businessmen look forward to cross-strait agricultural integration and win-win situation

Wei Xiaoying displayed Israeli yellow dragon fruit. Photo by Sun Hong

Wei Xiaoying was originally from Fujian. He married to Taiwan in 1996 and returned to the mainland with her husband and children in 2019. He founded Fujian Shamrock Agriculture Co., Ltd. in Fuqing City to engage in agricultural planting and other projects. “At present, our test gardens are all high-quality fruit varieties imported from Taiwan. Taiwan agricultural experts provide guidance throughout the process, and mainland scientific and technical personnel often come to exchange experience.”

The first time to participate in the agricultural booking conference. Wei Xiaoying felt that he had gained a lot. “Through the exhibition, Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese businessmen will have a better understanding of the status quo, policies, and concepts of mainland agriculture. At the same time, mainland agriculture will develop better by introducing new technologies from Taiwan.”


p >Looking forward to the mutual development of agricultural cooperation between the two sides of the strait is the topic most talked about by Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese youths participating in the exhibition. He Weijun told reporters that in March this year, the mainland issued the “22 Measures for Agriculture and Forestry”, which mentioned specific support measures for Taiwanese enterprises and farmers in financing, credit guarantees, and equivalent measures in terms of land use. These are all urgent measures for Taiwanese businessmen. needs.

Many years ago, He Weijun and his partners introduced Taiwanese jade girl tomatoes to be grown in Xiamen, Fujian, and developed a series of new organic and non-toxic planting technologies and products.

“At present, our small tomatoes are exclusively for high-end supermarket sales, and the supply exceeds demand.” He Weijun told a reporter from China News Agency that many merchants were very interested in organic and non-toxic technologies and products after visiting the planting base. , So he germinated the idea of ​​external promotion. “I hope to find more suitable distributors so that more people can eat healthy and organic agricultural products.”

“Mainland has opportunities for entrepreneurship.” Xu Yanzong, a young Jinmen born in 1993, was in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Full of yearning for the development prospects in the mainland, he said that he would develop his career in Fujian in the future.

Xu Yanzong’s mother, Li Weijing, was born in Nan’an, Fujian and married to Kinmen in 1992. Last October, Xu Yanzong returned to his mother’s hometown with deep feelings. “When making tea and chatting, young people from mainland China talked about how to start a business and how to enrich themselves. This passion deeply touched me.”

Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese businessmen look forward to cross-strait agricultural integration and win-win situation(1)

Ginmen “post-90s” young man Xu Yanzong made his debut at the Agricultural Booking Conference. Photo by Sun Hong

Since then, Xu Yanzong has been introduced by her elders to meet current partners, aiming at the health drink market in the post-epidemic era, and established Shuixiang Food (Fujian) Co., Ltd. to innovate and develop low-sugar and healthy herbal tea herbs. Drink “Tea Vitality”.

This agricultural booking conference is the first show of “Tea Vitality” and has won the attention of many merchants. Xu Yanzong said that in recent years, many Taiwanese agricultural talents have come to the mainland to find entrepreneurial opportunities. “We look forward to a win-win cooperation in agricultural development across the strait.” (End)