The 22nd Agan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open in Chengdu

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China News Service, Chengdu, September 10 (Reporter He Shaoqing Zhang Lang) The 2021 Agan·Tongshan Cup China-Japan Go Express Championship and the 22nd Agan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open on the 10th Chess City Chengdu kicks off. This is also the first time that the Ahan Tongshan Cup has been held in one city for the first time since its establishment 22 years ago.

It is understood that the Aham Tongshan Cup China Go Fast Open is co-sponsored by the China International Friendship Association and the Chinese Go Association, and is a fast game sponsored by Japan Aham Zong. The tournament has been held since 2000 and has become a traditional tournament with great influence in the chess world, attracting the attention of the Chinese and Japanese chess circles.

The competition is divided into four stages: qualifiers, this competition, semi-finals and finals. A total of 128 players participated in the first stage of the qualifiers, including world champions such as Jiang Weijie, Xie Erhao, Shi Yue, Tan Xiao, Dang Yifei, Zhou Ruiyang, and top players such as Lian Xiao, Ding Hao, Liao Yuanhe, Li Qincheng, Zhao Chenyu, and Tu Xiaoyu. All will be put on the battlefield. The world champions who have faded out of the front line include Chang Hao, Luo Xihe, Coulee, etc., as well as female players such as Zhang Xuan, Yu Zhiying, Li He, and Li Xiaoxi, who will also appear in the first round.

The 22nd Agan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open in Chengdu


p > The 22nd Agan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open in Chengdu kicked off. Photo by Zhang Lang

Previously, the previous Ahan·Tongshan Cup China Go Express Open qualifiers were held in the Chinese Chess Academy. This year, the qualifiers came to Chengdu for the first time in Beijing. With more than a hundred chess players competing in the same field, Chengdu will have a rare scene in the professional chess world in the past two years.

According to the schedule, the first two rounds will be held on September 10 to determine the top 32, and the third and fourth rounds will be held on the 11th to determine the 8 winners. In December, they will compete with the eight players who directly entered the tournament, namely Fan Tingyu and Jiaxi Jiaxi, the last champion and runner-up, and Tang Weixing, Yang Dingxin, Ke Jie, Mi Yuting, Xie Ke, and the rank and runner-up of the world competition within two years. The top ranked Gu Zihao, a total of 16 players played the first round of the match.

It is understood that the establishment of the Ahan·Tongshan Cup Chinese Go Express Open in Chengdu is an important measure taken by the Chengdu Chess Academy to promote the construction of a world-famous event city in Chengdu. The Chengdu Chess Academy will also introduce resources and major events from traditional Go powers from all over the world, including China, Japan, and South Korea, to settle in Chengdu, boost the high-quality development of Chengdu’s sports, and promote the construction of Chengdu’s chess city. (End)