The Afghan Taliban announces higher education policy:women can go to university but must go to classes separately from men

By yqqlm yqqlm

According to reports from the BBC and the Guardian on the 12th, on the 12th local time, officials from the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education announced a series of higher education policies in Afghanistan.

The newly appointed Minister of Higher Education of Afghanistan, Abdul Bach Haqqani, stated at a press conference that women can continue to receive university education, but they can only be in different classrooms from men Learn and will introduce a new dress code. Female students can only be taught by female teachers. Haqqani also stated that the subjects taught by the university will be reviewed.

Some people believe that the new rules will exclude women from university education because universities do not provide resources for separate courses. In this connection, Haqqani said that there are enough female teachers to teach female students, and will look for alternative methods when there are no female teachers. He said:”It all depends on the ability of the university. We can also let male teachers teach behind the scenes, or use technology.” It is reported that boys and girls in elementary and middle schools will also teach separately.

Hakani said at a press conference that wearing a headscarf is mandatory. However, the report said that it is not yet clear whether the woman’s face must be completely covered.

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