The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch

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China News Service, September 7th (Liu Danyi and Meng Xiangjun) On the 7th, the Afghanistan Taliban formally announced the formation of an interim government and announced the list of key officials.

After 20 years, the Taliban has once again become the center of power in Afghanistan. After the external forces withdrew from the intervention, the fate of this country ushered in a major turning point, “everything needs to be restarted.”

The following is the list of the main personnel of the Provisional Government announced by the Taliban in Afghanistan:

“Emir” Ahunzada (Faith Leader)

“Acting Prime Minister” Muhammad • Hassan

“Acting Deputy Prime Minister” Baradar

“Acting Second Deputy Prime Minister” Abdul Salam Hanafi

“Acting Minister of Defense” Mohamed Jacob

“Acting Minister of the Interior” Sirazuddin Haqqani

“Acting Refugee Minister” Khalil Haqqani< /p>

“Acting Minister of Finance” Hedayala Badri

“Acting Minister of Justice” Abdul Hakim Shati

“Central Bank Acting President “Muhammad Idris

The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch</ p>

Ahunzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban, is a mysterious leader who directs the Taliban directly behind the scenes. As the “regime” is formed, it will come to the fore and become a face with increasing exposure in the future international society.

Different from the typical Taliban leader, the 60-year-old Ahhunzada does not have a military background or combat experience. He is more like the organization’s “faith leader” and has served as a religious scholar for a long time. , And is responsible for the teaching method.

The Taliban “number two” Baradar, who is much more high-profile than Ahunzada, took the post of “acting deputy prime minister.” Baradar is the most frequently seen figure in the top leadership of the Taliban. He is one of the Taliban co-founders and a close deputy of the original Taliban leader Omar.

The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch(1)

local time September 6 On the same day, the Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said at a press conference that the Afghan Taliban has completely controlled Panjshir Province.

CNN previously stated that the power structure of the Taliban in Afghanistan will likely imitate Iran, and the country may elect a president or prime minister as the chief executive, but Ahunzada’s status will be the same as Khamenei Iraq, as the country’s supreme leader, is above the president or prime minister.

At the same time, some of the members of the interim government announced by the Taliban in Afghanistan are on the US wanted list. The U.S. government allegedly offered them a million dollars in reward.

For example, the “acting Minister of the Interior” Shirazuddin Haqqani, is the son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder of the Taliban armed organization “Hakani Network”. The “Haqqani Network” is classified as a terrorist organization by Washington, which has produced a large number of suicide bombings and violent attacks.

In order to be in power for a long time, outsiders analyzed that this time, the Taliban agreed to “form an inclusive government.”

As early as half a month before the appearance of the new “government” members, the Taliban announced the establishment of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

Actually, the Taliban have used the name “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” since 1996 when they first took power in Afghanistan. A senior Taliban official also revealed that Afghanistan will not become a democratic country in the future, and that “the country will be governed in accordance with Islamic law.”

The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch(2)

For the new Taliban regime in Afghanistan , The international community is generally in a wait-and-see attitude. In order to finally recognize the Taliban regime, some countries have set their own “conditions”:

EU: The biggest bottom line is that the Taliban respect human rights, especially women’s rights;

United States: The Taliban allow Afghanistan People and foreigners with valid documents can travel freely, protect the rights of women and ethnic minorities, and prevent international terrorist organizations from using Afghanistan as a base;

United Kingdom: If the Taliban can prevent terrorist organizations from launching attacks from Afghanistan, the United Kingdom will Recognize the Taliban regime diplomatically;

Russia: Afghanistan forms an inclusive coalition government, including all ethnic and political forces in the country, including ethnic minorities;

Turkey: will recognize the Taliban regime , And cooperated with Qatar to operate Kabul Airport.

Such a response from the international community is not very unexpected, because Afghanistan is currently facing too many problems.

The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch(3)

To achieve long-term peace and stability, The Taliban in Afghanistan must face and resolve various problems in a reasonable and effective manner. In this regard, it has given a number of “commitments”:

First, it will not take retaliatory actions and urge former government officials to return to work;

Second, they will not hurt Afghan foreign personnel: After the U.S. military withdrew, it continued to allow foreigners and Afghans holding foreign travel documents to exit the country in a “safe and orderly” manner.

  1. An Islamic government will be formed with all parties involved;
  2. Promise that Afghanistan’s land will not be used against anyone;

5 , Allow women to work and study;

Six. Anti-drugs and require farmers to stop growing poppies.

Faced with the “mess” left after the withdrawal of the U.S. military, the new government must not only fulfill the above commitments, but also face terrorism, post-war reconstruction, economic, social and people’s livelihood, religious and ethnic issues, which are complicated, Thousands of things.

The list of the Taliban Provisional Government announced! Rebuild Afghanistan, everything needs to be done from scratch(4)

——The one who bears the brunt is Anti-terrorism. The US military has been stationed for 20 years, and the number of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan has continued to increase, from single digits to more than 20. A few days ago, the bloody explosion outside Kabul Airport killed more than a hundred people, and the shadow of terrorism once again enveloped this land.

——The United Nations Refugee Agency issued a warning at the end of August that there will be a large-scale refugee wave in Afghanistan. In the worst case scenario, more than 515,000 Afghans will have fled their homes by the end of 2021.

——Due to the 20-year war caused by the United States, Afghanistan is currently one of the least developed countries in the world. People are trapped in poverty and hunger, government wages are suspended, prices are rising rapidly, and health conditions are worrying. Even Taliban spokesman Mujahid recently admitted that the Afghan economy is now “a bit difficult”;