The Taliban will form a new government

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China News Service, 9th, 1st. According to a comprehensive report, as the United States announced the completion of its withdrawal from Afghanistan a few days ago, some sources said that the Afghan Taliban will announce the formation of a cabinet on September 3. What is the international community’s position regarding the new Taliban regime that is about to be established? What kind of “prerequisites” did countries put forward for the recognition of the Taliban regime?

The Taliban will form a new government


p > On August 31, local time, after all U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban Badri Special Forces stood guard at Kabul Airport.

According to reports, the U.S. government stated on August 27 that the U.S. is not in a hurry to recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan in any form. U.S. President Biden also said that the U.S. will discuss with other countries to set “stringent conditions” for recognizing the Taliban regime or cooperating with it.

However, on August 30th, US Central Command Commander MacKenzie said in the latest statement, “In order to protect our citizens and ensure that they can leave Afghanistan safely, we will cooperate with the Taliban and cooperate with the new Afghan regime. Cooperation, no matter who is in power.”

French Foreign Minister Le Drian set five conditions for the country’s recognition of the Taliban regime. This includes respecting humanitarian law, allowing some Afghans to leave the country; clarifying the relationship with all terrorist movements; respecting rights, especially women’s rights; receiving humanitarian aid on the territory of Afghanistan; and an inclusive government constitution.

The British “Times” recently reported that British Prime Minister Johnson stated that if the Taliban can prevent terrorist organizations from launching attacks from Afghanistan, the United Kingdom will recognize the Taliban regime diplomatically. Johnson said, “If the new regime in Kabul wants diplomatic recognition,” it must “prevent Afghanistan from becoming a hotbed of global terrorism again.”

Russian President’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Kabulov said that Moscow is working hard to establish normal relations with the Taliban. Whether to recognize the Taliban regime will be decided based on the new regime’s actions. “We will carefully observe how they govern the country in the near future, and Russian leaders will make necessary conclusions based on these results.”

According to the British news website “Eye of the Middle East” on the 28th, Turkey is about to reach an agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan. According to the agreement, Turkey will recognize the Taliban regime and will operate Kabul Airport in cooperation with Qatar.

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