This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!

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This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is amazing!

For a long time, Americans and even many Chinese people’s perception of Afghanistan has come from the “propaganda” of mainstream media such as CNN in the United States. In these propaganda, we see the United States, which symbolizes “justice”, fighting the Afghan Taliban, which symbolizes “evil”, in order to bring “human rights” and “feminism” to Afghans. Now, the withdrawal of the United States and the Taliban, in the “propaganda” of CNN, indicates that Afghans, especially Afghan women, are about to lose the “bright” era brought by the United States and usher in a new era brought by the Taliban. The “dark” era.

However, the American “New Yorker” magazine recently launched a report that is completely different from CNN and other mainstream American media-and the information given by this nearly 10,000-character report, It is bound to make people applaud.

Today, Brother Geng Zhi will give you a brief introduction to the most exciting parts of this article.

The title of this article is actually not very “eye-catching”. It is called “Another Afghan Woman”. However, behind this rather plain headline is an extremely informative report that will make the U.S. government and mainstream U.S. media extremely embarrassing and ashamed.

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!

The protagonist of this article is a An Afghan woman living in rural areas of Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. Why pay attention to a woman from the Afghan countryside? Because more than 70% of the population of Afghanistan live in rural areas.

The woman’s name is Shakira-yes, she has the same name as the world-famous Colombian singer Shakira. But this Shakira from the Afghan countryside has never gone abroad, or even left the province where she lives. She also does not have the freedom and rights that modern women have like Shakira in Colombia.

In the extremely conservative Afghan countryside where she lives, women are not allowed to go to school or even go to the market. In 1979, the Soviets tried to use guns to force the village to change this tradition, asking the village to allow women to go to school, but in the end it was a strong armed resistance from the locals. The teachers were kidnapped and killed, and they supported the Soviets. Was also killed. These people who were armed against the Soviet Union were called “mujahideen” (mujahideen).

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(1)

Since then, Afghanistan has been divided For the sake of two worlds, one is a big city supported by the Soviet Union, where women can go to school, work and even politics; while in rural areas, Afghan men who joined the “jihadists” desperately resisted the Soviet Union. Change.

This also determines that Shakira’s childhood has to be spent in endless wars. In order to survive, she and her family had to hide in caves in the countryside, and she had to witness the constant deaths of the “uncles” of the neighbors. When the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and the local regime collapsed, Shakira did not usher in a peaceful life, because the “jihadists” began to “involve” and fight “civil wars.”

A local warlord named Amir Dado controls the northern part of the Sanjin Valley region where Shakira’s village is located. This person came from a relatively wealthy tribe in the northern part of the region. He was once a fruit merchant. Later, by rebelling against the Soviet Union, he had his own team and became a local warlord. But he doesn’t care about the lives of others, he just wants to levy and levy taxes from house to house, including the village where Shakira is located. This forced Shakira and her family to want to escape. But the road to the south was controlled by a militia called the “93th Division”. This is a group of bandits who are as bad as Amir Dadu.

At this moment of dilemma, the Taliban appeared. This armed force composed of a group of poor religious students first fought off the warlord Amir Dadu in the north, and then drove away the “93rd Division” in the south. At this point, Shakira and the villagers finally ushered in a short but rare “peace”. They can finally have a quiet breakfast in the morning and watch the stars on the roof at night.

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Although the Taliban is not as bad as warlords and bandits , But it is not a fuel-efficient lamp. In order to fight the “civil war”, they began to force the men in the village to fight, and later banned the villagers from growing opium, a very important local “cash crop” during the dry season, which also made Shakira’s village miserable.

After that, the Americans came. This once gave Shakira, who was struggling under the rule of the Taliban, see hope. After all, that is the richest country in the world, and they are here to overthrow the Taliban.

But soon she was dumbfounded, because the Americans actually found the warlord Amir Dadu, who was driven away by the Taliban, and the bandits of the “93 Brigade” to be themselves Local “allies”. As a result, the village where Shakira was located once again fell into the bitter days of being squeezed and exploited by warlords and bandits. She began to wonder whether the Americans came to Afghanistan to “bring peace” or “for another purpose.”

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Compared with before, it has become the “intimate The “93th Division” of the partner had a new project to torture the villagers. In order to earn a bounty for the Taliban from the United States, they began to arbitrarily frame the villagers as members of the Taliban. Although the U.S. military knows that many of these people are Framed, they will still be rewarded, and the people framed by them will be imprisoned or even sent to the notorious Guantanamo prison.

And Amir, who has become the local “chief intelligence officer” of the US military Dadu was even more exaggerated. In order to make the U.S. military more dependent on him and the “private forces” he organized through rampant conquests, he actually launched a sneak attack on the U.S. military and then said that the Taliban did it. Although the U.S. military also suspected this matter, However, according to Amir Dadu’s wishes, he blamed the incident on the Taliban, and sent a so-called “Taliban” to Guantanamo.

This incident did not affect the US military and his Because the U.S. military felt that he was “very valuable”, and even when the United Nations heard some complaints and was about to remove this Amir Dadu, the U.S. military not only prevented the matter, but also said that his “simple justice” could “Effectively control” the local rebellion.

The “93th Division”, which used the Taliban to swindle money from the U.S. military by framing the villagers, also faced pressure from the United Nations to disband them. At that time, the United Nations asked all Afghan pro-government The militia force was disbanded. However, with the help of the U.S. military, the leader of this group set up a “private security company”, and then recruited most of the group of militia bandits as “security guards” and continued to provide the U.S. military with Service.

These magical scenes forced the villagers who were still resistant to the Taliban to start encouraging their men to find ways to join the Taliban in order to protect their villages from these demons supported by the United States.

At this point, the author of “The New Yorker” emphasized that although the United States and its allies like to describe the various “rebellions” in Afghanistan as “extremists” against “freedom” Launched an attack, but at least in the Sangin Valley area where Shakira’s village is located, the “rebellion” that appeared here is because people really have had enough of these local “partners” in the United States. In fact, even NATO people know it. , The United States and its allies are very unpopular in the Sangjin Valley area because they have been oppressed by forces such as Amir Dadu that they support.

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In 2005 and 2006, the Taliban returned to Shakira’s village and quickly drove away again Killed Amir Dadu and killed him in 2009. At this time, Shakira and others The Taliban’s view has become “forgiveness” and even began to have expectations of them.

& The relationship between the local villagers. In addition, every time the Taliban starts a war, they will notify the villagers to evacuate in advance and let them come back after the fight is over.

But the United States is not aware of these subtle changes, and is still creating more hostility through indiscriminate air strikes and attacks. The “New Yorker” article introduces a large number of cases where Shakira’s village and nearby villages were blown to pieces by US military airstrikes, their relatives were massacred, and the villagers lived in terror all the time, even the Shakira family. The uncles and nephews in a whole branch of the genealogy were killed in these airstrikes, killing a total of 16 family members-and such encounters were not only unique to her, but common.

But because these deaths were caused by countless scattered attacks, the number of people who died in each attack was “not many”. As a result, these massacres of civilians were not even included in the reports of the US military. A heinous violation of the human rights of the Afghans was concealed.

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(5)

As a result, even Shakira The Afghan women who belonged to the village’s traditions who could not go out casually were so angry that they lit a US army car with the villagers. At that moment, she became a “hero” in the eyes of women in the village. But she just hopes that this will allow the U.S. military to take their allies and partners away from the village, so that the villagers will have a happy birthday for two days.

Not only that, even the British army who came to Afghanistan with the US army felt that the US army had killed “too many civilians” and wanted the US army to withdraw from the Sangin Valley area where Shakira lived. Go, but unsuccessful.

What’s more absurd is that NATO once hoped to do “ideological work” in exchange for the “surrender” of some Taliban in the region who just wanted to protect their villages, but the relevant Taliban were ready to contact them When the British people met, the U.S. military, who didn’t know about this situation, directly killed them…

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This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(7)

In 2014 At that time, the U.S. military finally abandoned the Sanjin Valley area where Shakira’s village was located, and handed it over to the Afghan government forces, and the Taliban quickly controlled most of the area for the next three years. At this point, Shakira and the villagers believed that the war would end there, and began to celebrate.

But the nightmare is not over. When the leaders of the U.S. government and the Taliban began negotiations on the withdrawal of U.S. troops in 2019, the U.S. and the Afghan government jointly launched a final offensive against the Sangin Valley area, resulting in the massacre of a large number of innocent civilians, many of them children , And even the funerals where these victims were buried have become targets of bombing.

This has naturally led to more Afghan villagers who have nowhere to get justice to join the Taliban.

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(8)

As of this writing, “The New Yorker” The author said with emotion that despite the continuous participation of villagers, the Taliban finally took this rural area of ​​Afghanistan and brought peace to the villagers. But this peace is built on a ruin, because many villages are left with only wreckage, not to mention that many people are physically and mentally disabled due to the war.

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(9)

In addition, the author of “The New Yorker” also introduced An even more shocking incident: An international organization working in Helmand Province, where Shakira lives, revealed that although the Afghan government forces continued to lose to the Taliban, every time the government forces lost a place, He retaliated by killing civilians in the area, and the Afghan government army commander Sami Sadat who issued such a killing order was actually a senior military officer who was educated in the UK and trained by NATO.

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(10)

And American mainstream media like CNN, He actually acted as a “propaganda tool” for such an executioner. The author of “The New Yorker” wrote bluntly that just before Sadat issued a massacre order on an area in Helmand Province, he was interviewed by CNN and boasted that he would definitely “repulse” the Taliban. The CNN anchor said with ease, “This sounds very reassuring.”

The author of “The New Yorker” also stated that he had broadcast this CNN interview to a father who lost a daughter and a son in the massacre. The father cried and said: “Why are they doing this? Are they mocking us?”

This article about Afghanistan and the Taliban is incredible!(11)

Finally, at the end of this article, the author of “The New Yorker” turned the main line of the story back to the issue of women’s rights in Afghanistan. After all, with the return of the Taliban, how they will rule Afghanistan is one of the most concerned topics right now.

But unlike other mainstream American media that overwhelmingly describe the Taliban’s rule as a “female doomsday”, the author of “The New Yorker” fairly objectively shows two different Afghanistans and two different Female mentality.

One kind is the big-city women living in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, constantly reported by mainstream American media. They are well-educated and have good jobs. They are afraid that the return of the Taliban will make them lose everything. To flee desperately.