This variety show enters Guizhou cuisine. Why is the local keen on eating sour?

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China News Service, September 10th. Outdoor food fun reality show “Check in!” “Food Group” is currently being broadcast. In the previous program, Liu Yuxin, Yang Di, Yue Yunpeng and guests Liu Wei and Zhang Jike (listed in alphabetical order above) came to Guiyang, Guizhou, showing the famous love tofu and sour powder in Guiyang. Gourmet feasts such as, Doumi Hot Pot, etc., you can feel the long and unique food culture of Guizhou.

This variety show enters Guizhou cuisine. Why is the local keen on eating sour?

Check-in journey in Guiyang Here, Liu Yuxin incarnates as Guiyang Food Recommendation Officer, taking care of the taste preferences of each member of the food group.

In Guiyang, every dish has a story about its origins. Lo Wei Piaoxiang, the champion of high school, there is such a good story about the champion seat in Guiyang. The only champion in the city of Guiyang met a shop selling braised pig’s knuckles before entering Beijing for the exam. This store sent the blessings of the gold list title to this champion’s knuckles, and he also became a member of the city of Guiyang. The first person of the number one scholar, the reputation of “Number One Scholar Hoof” has been greatly enhanced, and the title of “Number One Scholar Hoof” has also been used, and the good blessings entrusted to these delicacies are also passed on.

There are also silk dolls, from a roadside stall where you eat a table of dishes and a bowl of soup, to a large restaurant full of guests, a taste of old Guiyang, not only inherits the taste of the tongue, but also shows The development of Guizhou all the way. At the same time, the people of Guizhou are also very creative in gastronomy. The Miao people, who are restricted by terrain and traffic, are not stumped by the shortage of seasoning salt. Instead, they are encouraged to create a dietary seasoning method of “substituting acid for salt”, thus forming the Guizhou Province. The self-contained sour series of food culture in the southeast, and the acidophilic Miao people’s dependence on sour soup allows them to continuously enrich their food culture based on this, and only then can they have representative dishes like sour soup fish.

As the saying goes, “the smell of fireworks in the world is most soothing to the hearts of mortals.” The story of Chinese cuisine has been going on. The exquisite and long-standing Chinese food culture is also known to more and more people. Behind every dish All of the stories carry emotions and culture.

This variety show enters Guizhou cuisine. Why is the local keen on eating sour?(1)

Farewell to the single food era , “Check in! “Cheating Group” focuses more on the stories behind the food, explores the fireworks in the world, digs out more urban cultural genes, and gives more meaning to the food. At the same time, it also uses local food to convey the love and warmth in these stories.

“Check in! “Food Group” has now been punched in three cities, showing the audience the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and the different food characteristics of different regions. It is reported that the program is being broadcast on Dragon TV.