Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are on sale! Tickets for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are over 600, so you can pay less with this method

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China-Singapore Jingwei Client, September 14 (Xiong Jiali) Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are officially on sale today (14th). What matters should be paid attention to when purchasing tickets? How much does it cost about a trip? Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client has compiled a guide for everyone, let’s take a look!

Tickets for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day start at 638 yuan

From today onwards, Universal Beijing Resort will officially sell a variety of ticketing products, including designated one-day tickets for Universal Studios Beijing, to the public. Two resort hotels in China, Universal Studios Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel, also opened reservations simultaneously. Tourists can purchase tickets through official channels such as the official APP, Customer Contact Center, Ali Mini Program, WeChat Mini Program, Fliggy Official Flagship Store, and 21 official authorized partner platforms of travel channels.

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements and the grand opening day of the grand opening day, the operation start time of Universal Studios Beijing on the opening day of September 20 was adjusted to 12 noon, and the closing time was extended to the evening 10 O’Clock. Visitors need to make an appointment in advance through the official APP of Universal Beijing Resort, and enter the park according to the appointment time.

At 8 pm on September 13, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client inquired about the Beijing Universal Resort APP and found that the “online ticket purchase” page showed admission from September 20 to December 12 Fares, but reservations cannot be made at this time.

Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are on sale! Tickets for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are over 600, so you can pay less with this method

Beijing Universal Resort APP Screenshot

In terms of price, Universal Beijing Resort’s first day of opening (September 20th) to October 1st, a single-day standard fare of 638 yuan; October 2nd to October 6th, a single day The standard fare is 748 yuan; the last day of the National Day on October 7, the fare is 638 yuan. In addition, from November 22 to December 12, Monday to Thursday, the off-season ticket price is 418 yuan, and from Friday to Sunday the normal season ticket price is 528 yuan.

It’s worth noting that on September 8th, Fliggy announced that it had successfully purchased the “Priority Purchase Rights” package at Fliggy’s “Beijing Universal Resort Flagship Store” during Double 11 in 2020. Product users can book tickets 5 days in advance of the official ticket date (that is, starting from September 9th), and prioritize tickets for important dates such as the opening day of the park.

Wu, born in the 90s who lives in Beijing, has been “earlier” in the testing phase in Beijing Universal Resort. Since she didn’t need to buy tickets, she spent less than 500 yuan on a day of play. Xiao Wu said: “The main thing is to buy a magic wand for more than 300 yuan, plus eating and buying butter beer, the total cost is less than 500 yuan.”

How to play to reduce the cost? Ms. Zhang, who came to Beijing to travel, said that you can bring your own food and drink in the park. If you don’t buy gifts, you don’t need to spend money except for tickets.

Ms. Zhang said: “Although the ticket price is a bit more expensive, other expenses are not as high as expected, and the price of catering is fair.” Ms. Zhang said that the average meal per person is about 100 yuan, plus less than 200 snacks. Yuan, as for buying gifts, it depends on your budget.

Regarding bringing your own food, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client called the customer service staff of Universal Beijing Resort, and the other party made it clear that they support bringing food in the park. However, the customer service staff also reminded that there are a few points to note: “Tourists are not allowed to bring self-heating food that needs to be processed and heated, such as self-heating hot pot; food with pungent odors, such as durian, is not allowed. For drinks, glassware is not allowed. Drinks and alcoholic beverages.”

Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are on sale! Tickets for Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are over 600, so you can pay less with this method(1)

Data map of Universal Studios Beijing. Sino-Singapore Jingwei Photo by Wu Xiaowei

The data released by Qunar on September 8 shows that as the Universal Beijing Resort will officially open during the Mid-Autumn Festival on the 20th, Beijing has become the most popular destination for Mid-Autumn Festival this year. However, there was an outbreak in Fujian before the holiday, and many tourists were worried, could they go out to play during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day?

In an interview with the media, Tang Xiaoyun, vice president of the China Tourism Research Institute, said that the Fujian epidemic is still under control and will have an impact on consumer confidence in travel, but the impact is mainly in Fujian Province.

Beijing Universal Resort requires tourists to pay close attention to the risk warnings related to epidemic prevention and control. Before buying tickets and traveling, they must register personal information in advance through the official mobile application, check various safety guidelines, and make an appointment in advance to enter the park Time period, orderly entry into the park by time period.

At the same time, Beijing Universal Resort stipulates that visitors must present a valid health treasure and itinerary code when entering the park, perform necessary health screenings such as code verification and temperature measurement, and make sure to wear them during the tour Masks, maintain social distancing, change masks in time during play, and it is recommended to bring disinfectant tissues and spare masks with you. Tourists coming from or passing through the high-risk areas of the epidemic announced by the country should comply with the relevant government regulations and requirements for travel, quarantine, and testing before visiting Universal Beijing Resort. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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