Tracing the process of early whales from land to sea

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Tracing the process of early whales from land to sea

Egyptian Environment Minister Yasmin Fuad said in a statement on August 25 that Egyptian researchers found a This is a fossil of a semi-aquatic whale that lived 43 million years ago. This is a species that can walk on land, swim in water, have powerful jaw muscles, and prey on other animals for a living. Researchers named this new whale species after the god of death “Anubis” in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Salam said that this is the first time researchers have recorded a new type of amphibious whale, which represents the connection between whales that lived on land in ancient times and whales that live in the ocean today. Anatomical characteristics show that it is completely different from any species previously known to humans, and belongs to a new genus and species in biological classification.

Research center researcher Abdullah Guhar published the relevant research results in the British “Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology Branch” as the first author. He is currently working to clean up and repair the semi-aquatic whale fossils discovered by the team.

Gujar said that the whale fossils discovered by the team include an incomplete skull, right mandible, a part of left mandible (one of which has teeth), some individual teeth, different rib fragments, and the first Five cervical vertebrae and sixth thoracic vertebrae. Current research on fossils shows that this whale is 3 meters long and weighs 600 kilograms. He also showed reporters a color picture of a semi-aquatic quadruped whale restored from fossils.

According to the statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment, the discovery was made in collaboration with the Egyptian “Whale Valley” paleontological site research team, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Mansoura University. The follow-up inspection of the fossil was carried out by researchers from Mansoura University, which was another major discovery made by the school following the discovery of the Mansourasaurus fossil in western Egypt.

“Our paleontology research center has become a place that many students yearn for.” Usama Ayaan, Dean of the Faculty of Science of Mansoura University, said that studying paleontology not only allows people to trace the origins of ancient species , Can also understand the close relationship between species and the natural environment, humans and the natural environment more clearly.

“Whale Valley” is located deep in the desert southwest of Cairo. It is an important discovery and exhibition site of ancient cetacean fossils. It was a vast ocean 40 million years ago. It was included in the World Natural Heritage List in 2005 and became the first World Natural Heritage Site in Egypt.